Fit Issues

They say that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, and that’s not just in the US!

As a woman who wears a G+ bra, I know that I have some current fit issues that I really hope will be resolved when I go to my fitting at Intimacy in a few weeks. In all honesty, I don’t think that there will be any bras at Lane Bryant that will provide resolutions to my current fit issues….and while I’m willing to go to Nordstrom’s (there’s one only 15 minutes from my house), I’ve never felt as though the sales women there are very friendly, or very knowledgeable about bra fitting.

With that being said, here are my fit issues (including my favorite cotton bras):

– 42 bands are too loose. While they don’t ride up, any of the bras shown in my first review are new, or have only been worn once or twice and I can already clasp them on the innermost hooks. To further emphasize: When I put a bra on, I clasp it in the front and spin it around. 42s easily spin, even on the innermost hook. For ta-tas my size, I think I should have to struggle more, and would want my band to fit more snug for the most support.

-As some women noted, it would appear as though my band is too tight because I have so much ‘side boob’ which is not the case at all, but I think what the real problem is is that I need a bigger cup with a different shape that pulls the side boob into the cup. I have a hunch that from years of wearing bras that were the wrong size, and from many weight fluctuations, my breast tissue has migrated to the side and this needs fixed!

-I am fuller on the bottom of my breast, meaning I don’t have a lot of volume in my breast tissue on top. When I do find a cup that fits and lays flush against my chest, I still typically have gaping in the top of the cup. I think this is why I have preferred to wear bras without padding recently, because I feel like the bra fits to me, instead of me trying to fit the bra (and it should never have to be that way).

-I want sexier styles with padding!

As mentioned, the options for American women are extremely limited, and we all know the horrors of Victoria’s Secret. I also don’t think that larger breasted women should have to pay over $60.00 for a bra, just because the cup label is larger than a DD.

In the event that I do not find anything that fits or that suits me at Intimacy, I will likely be ordering something from BraStop, Bravissimo or Simply Be. There are certain risks in ordering from the UK, but most of these companies, if not all, have really great return policies and fair prices for shipping.

US women who are DD+……where do you buy your bras? 


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