My First Curvy Kate!

In my quest for the proper bra fit and style, I’ve spent the last few months checking out the various UK sites that sell bras. SInce I started reading Georgina’s blog I have been lusting after the various Curvy Kate styles. Today, I decided to take action!

Many sites sell Curvy Kate bras, but with my size search (40 J will be my first trial by fire), the styles are somewhat limited and so are the prices I was finding. Bravissimo, Bra Stop, Fig Leaves etc., sell some nice styles…but after conversion rates from BPS to USD, I was likely to spend $68+ for a CK bra….This seemed like too much of a risk for me, especially because I am not sure what size is going to fit the best. 

I turned to Ebay! And thankfully, I did!

I just purchased this bra:

the Curvy Kate Portia Balcony bra



While it is still coming from the UK, I was able to get the bra with free shipping for only $38.10!! Sweet deal.

I can’t wait to get this bra (in 6-10 days, of course) and try it on! 





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