Curvy Kate has arrived!

My Curvy Kate Portia arrived in the mail today! I was so excited and could barely wait to get in the house and try it on!

I’ve been feeling bloated lately, and my cotton 42 bras have been feeling tight, so I was kind of apprehensive about trying this bra on, as I ordered it in a 40 J.

Here you have the views:






Fit: I have to admit, I feel like the fit is similar to my US 42Hs, but yet it is different. I definitely have more side coverage in the 40J, which is quite nice. For perspective, the underwire is positioned much farther back, underneath my arm (where usually the ‘side stays’ are on my other bras). I know many people had suggested that I really work on pulling my “side boob” into the cup, and I definitely put huge efforts into doing so for this bra, as initially I was not filling out the cup on the left side. I bent over and did the booby jiggle to get these puppies in there really well! I found that I didn’t really settle into the bottom of the cup right away, and more jiggling was necessary. Overall, I think the fit is great, and I am completely covered.

Support: My initial thoughts about this bra is that the wires and the band seem fairly flimsy. The band seems really loose for a 40 (in fact, if you are in between, I would honestly suggest sizing down for the band…. I measured my ribcage at 41″, and I am very glad that I went for the 40 instead of the 42, as the 42 would have been too big and would not have provided enough support). I am certainly not used to only having 3 hooks, and I think this is one of the biggest reasons I feel like the band is flimsy. In all reality, I am getting some pretty good lift, and the bra looks amazing under clothes. The wires are pretty thin, which kind of makes me anxious, but so far so good!

Features: Fully adjustable straps (new to me as a US lady!), Bow detailing on both shoulder straps and on the center gore, ribbon lined cups, Breathable mesh and pretty lace details on the top of the cup

Other thoughts: I always get apprehensive about bras with center gores that come up so high…I get worried that when I sit down, or slouch, that the gore will poke out. Let’s be honest….this fear only happens when a bra does not fit right! The gore is firmly against my chest! I do love this bra, and as I wear it, I am becoming more and more pleased with it. It is definitely more of a full coverage bra (as most balconnets are), and I think I will have to browse the Curvy Kate catalogue for some sexier, more plunge type styles.

Overall I am quite pleased with this purchase, and by finding it on eBay, you can’t beat $38.10 with free shipping from the UK! It took a week to get here, which is quite impressive.

Score: A

4 thoughts on “Curvy Kate has arrived!

  1. Yay for bra blogging! I have yet to try a Curvy Kate bra, but I hope too really soon. It looks lovely on you. As for where I usually buy my bras, the answer is online (as I’m sure a lot of people do here in the US), but I occasionally find ones at Nordstrom, especially in the Elomi brand. However, it really depends on the style. I’ve done several reviews of different Elomi bras on my blog, but I need to branch out more. 🙂

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