Update on Curvy Kate Portia

So, admittedly, I have only worn the Portia once since receiving it in the mail. My opinion has changed a bit, though I am willing to wear it more to relax the fabric and see if my mind is changed.

I initially thought that the Portia was quite the perfect fit; the central gore lay flat against my sternum, the wires feel comfortable all around, and the band/straps feel good.

I wore the Portia out to karaoke on Wednesday night, and it was the first time I wore the bra for longer than 20 minutes. Perhaps my opinion is colored by the fact that I was sitting (and as such, slouching) at a bar table for a few hours….but here is what I think of the Portia at the moment:

The band is not too tight (I can fit quite a few fingers under the band actually), but it started to feel tight as the night wore on. I felt like I had to keep adjusting it because it was pinching my skin. The bottom elastic of the band also tended to roll a bit, in addition to pinching. Boo.

While the cup of the Portia fits big on my left breast, it is just a bit too small for my right breast. I felt lopsided, for sure, and kept adjusting myself all night because I felt like I was popping out on the right. I tried to tighten up the left strap (since the cup was gaping a bit), and loosen the right strap a bit (since it was cutting into my breast a bit) to even things out….but I still felt wobbly and jiggly. While the central gore lays flat when I am standing, when squished down with poor posture, the gore does move away, if ever so slightly (maybe an 1/8 of an inch if that). This may also be a trick of my mind.

I also found that the wires come up quite high under the arm. While it did not seem to bother me on my left side, the skin under my arm on the right side of my body was irritated, sore, and itchy by the time I got home and took the bra off.

Also, I do feel that the shape is a little pointy and ‘square’ for me when I look down, though the shape is rounded when you look at my breasts straight on.

I am disappointed in my first full wear of the Portia, but I am willing to give it another go. I’m hoping that perhaps I may need to break in the bra more (as it is black, and those are usually a bit smaller because of the dye anyways), and see if the cups and band relax a bit.

In a few weeks, hopefully I will have a better experience with the Portia as it is quite beautiful, and the fit is spot on when I stand up…just not slouching.

Tell us what you think!

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