Curvy Kate Emily, Lottie and Daily Boost Review


While I should be doing my homework for my intro to psychopathology class, I decided I would post the pics and reviews of my recent haul from

The above picture is the Curvy Kate Emily. The Emily is a gorgeous balconnet that features 3 hooks (in a 40J), fully adjustable straps, bows on each strap and central gore, and gorgeous lace detailing. The fabric is soft and feminine, and I really love the nude color.



As you can see, the Emily is a great fit on me, and the shape is nicely lifted and rounded. I LOVE this bra; It is so comfortable and it feels like I am not wearing anything. I consider this a huge plus. And unlike the Portia, the wires do not come up super high under my arm. I did note, however, that the material for the wires is longer than the actual metal, so I bet the material will fold over under my arm at some point. Nothing a quick sew can’t fix.

Of the four Curvy Kate styles I have tried, this is my favorite!! The band and cup seem true to size, although the top of the cup is stretchier than the Portia, alleviating some of the mild spillage problem I was having with the Portia.

The Lottie




I honestly don’t know what to say about the Lottie. The Lottie features 3 hooks (in a 40J), fully adjustable straps, bows on each strap and central gore, and a mesh upper cup. The materials felt awesome and luxurious on my skin.

I really love that the lower half of the cup is a sturdier material, reminiscent of a moulded cup. I thought that the lift was better in the Lottie, but oh my goodness the shape. I know that the lovely lady over at Bras I Hate has noted that if you get a square, pointy shape in a Curvy Kate that the bra is the wrong size…..but I would really hesitate to go up a cup size in this bra, because I felt like it already fit fairly well, and I was having trouble filling out the cups. I don’t know if you can see….but I could see the actual space between my breast and the wire through the mesh on my left breast (you can kind of see a shadow). So weird. I think that the strange shape is largely in part due to the differences in the material that make up the cup. The lower material is significantly thicker than the mesh upper.

I will definitely be sending this back in hopes for another Emily in black.

The Daily Boost




The Daily Boost features: 3 hooks (in a 40J), fully adjustable straps, bows on each strap and central gore, and light padding.

I read the reviews of the Daily Boost before ordering, but I must have missed where almost everyone said that the Daily Boost runs small and you should go up a cup size. I also felt as though this was a SUPER SNUG 40 band. I think that the Daily Boost is a great idea, but the sizing is trickier. The top of the cup wasn’t cutting in perse, but the central gore did not lay flat against my sternum at all.

I do love the light padding and the rounded shape that this bra gives, and I am definitely willing to give this bra another try, and have contacted BraStop for an exchange. I am going to try it in a 40K.


Here’s a pic of the Emily under my new summer dress that I got the other day. I was really looking forward to getting this order of bras because I needed a nice nude color to wear under my lighter colored summer dress. The Emily does not disappoint! ((Although I must say, goodness my ta-tas are huge!!))




Also, sorry for the poor “iPhone in the bathroom” shot! 😛




5 thoughts on “Curvy Kate Emily, Lottie and Daily Boost Review

  1. Great reviews! I think you might want to try a cup up in all of them (in the Daily Boost propably two). I’ve found that the best shape and fit I get in CK’s is when there is slight gaping at the top of the cup. I think it might also be that they aren’t good for my shape; I need more projection in my bras and that might also be the case for you.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to post your bra reviews! Your pictures have made your reviews very helpful. I’m “new” to my size (baby weight) and have wasted HUNDREDS on bad bras. I finally got properly fitted (36j) and just want ONE bra I love…Did you ever get the replacement Curvy Kate Daily Boost? If yes, do you have pictures? With a dress/tee-shirt?

    • Hi!

      I did try a couple different sizes in the Daily Boost and it just didn’t work for me. Other bloggers like Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Invest in Your Chest have tried it and liked it though.

      You’re a 36J? Check out Panache and Cleo by Panache or Freya. All great brands. If you need help finding a specific style solution, let me know and I can point you in the right direction.


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  4. I finally broke down and ordered a daily boost and for me it worked out perfectly. I adore it. I quickly ordered it in another color as well. Yes, it’s a little blah and boring but I don’t even care. Finally, I have found a bra that doesn’t poke me in my right armpit or do a weird gap thing across the front or flatten me out.

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