Fitting at Intimacy in Chicago

As mentioned, I was determined on our trip to stop at Intimacy in Chicago.

When I walked into the store it was not busy at all and I was immediately greeted. I told Elana that I was wearing a Curvy Kate 40J but that I wanted to find some styles that provided more lift and oomph. (I wore my CK Emily all day Saturday, walking around Chicago, and sometimes felt like I wasnt supported well. Also, the lace itches).

Elana showed me to the drawer where they keep the 40Js. There were a lot of basic colors in Elomi and Panache bras and I was immediately drawn to any of the bras that were in fashion colors. I saw a moulded plunge style in the drawer and went to grab it but Elana took it out of my hand. She said “That style isnt very supportive. You won’t really like it.” Well boo, I thought!

She ended up grabbing a few Panache styles in a 40J, an Elomi style in a 40JJ and in a 40K.

I first tried the Panache Ariza in the purple violet mix. It’s a gorgeous bra, but unfortunately my right breast refused to be tame. I loved the lift and the shape that the Ariza gave and asked if they had a bigger size. She told me no, so we moved on to Elomi.

She had grabbed the Elomi Caitlyn in beige for me to try in a 40JJ and a 40K. The 40K was too big, and the JJ was a good fit. The lift and shape that the Caitlyn gave me was spot on. However, it felt like I was wearing a turtleneck! It is a very full cup bra. Even though it was a perfect fit and the fabrics are soooo nice on the skin, it was just not my style. I begged Elana to find something more youthful for me!

Elana did not disappoint! She brought me back the Panache Andorra, 40J in the gorgeous Lagoon color. I’ll review this on its own later, but oh goodness! This is the bra for me!

During my fitting, Elana actually helped me into the bras, showing me how to pull all of my breast tissue in. She also explained to me that my band should take 90% of the support and the straps the rest. She told me that you should only be able to fit two fingers under your straps in a well fitting bra. Once a bra was on, she would help me to settle into the bottom of the cups, and look at me from all angles. She was attentive and listened to my responses to each bra.

Elana took the time to find matching panties for both bras that I bought that day, and told me that she would personally call me whenever they get more fashion colors in the Andorra.

I did suffer some sticker shock, however! The black Andorra I bought was $65 and the Lagoon was $62. After the 10% sales tax, I spent $140 on two bras. I was disheartened to see later that I could order the same bras on EBay for only $39. I almost wanted to return them just to make up the price difference!

I certainly wont discount the fitting that I received at Intimacy, as I know which style in Panache suits me and the right size. But I will definitely do my shopping online from now on!

A lovely experience indeed. It seems as though the company has started to expand since the last time I was there in 2009. They now have more than 10 stores, and I am happy to learn that they have one in Detroit, which is only about 3.5 hours away.

Check out Intimacy

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