Fitting at Victoria’s Secret in Chicago

This past weekend, my mom and sisters and I had the pleasure of going to Chicago and shopping on the Magnificent Mile.

My sister-in-law Nicki was in desperate need of a new bra in a better size. My mother had taken her shopping and had got her a 40B, but Nicki is much smaller than I am, and she had a lot of flesh under her arms and front that was spilling out of her bra. I nudged her into Victoria Secret for the price range and for me to size up the fitting that they offer.

We walked in and we asked the sales woman who greeted us if she could fit Nicki and she said yes. She asked what size she was wearing and then pulled out her measuring tape. She measured Nicki over her bust, above her breasts (what?! The bra band doesn’t go there?!) and got a 40. I looked at the sales girl and said “That’s not where the band sits. Can you measure under her breasts?”. The girl look flustered but I wanted to make sure that we got Nicki the right size. She measured under Nicki’s breasts and said “Oh! You’re a lot smaller! Like a 36! But I think you should try a 38 band”. Um….okay.

She then measured over Nicki’s fullest part. For this I was confused. The sales woman put the tape measure around Nicki and then made the tape measure square on the sides, instead of laying on the breast and side boob. I thought….hmm. Maybe this will give her a bigger cup size and will account for all the extra flesh we want to be able to pull into the cup. The sales woman announced that Nicki was a 38D, wrote it down on a card and handed her a demi style bra.

I went into the fitting room with Nicki to see how the 38D was fitting. I was able to pull her band out from her body almost 8″ and the cup was not fully encasing all of the side boob that Nicki desperately wanted to cover. Another sales girl checked on us and declared that the 38D was a perfect fit. I showed her how much the band stretched and pointed out the side boob. She suggested we try a 38DD.

I’ll be honest. I completed disregarded her suggestion. While Nicki was in the fitting room, I went on the search for a full coverage (vs Demi) style. I grabbed at 36DDD on a whim for Nicki to try.

We adjusted the straps, got it on her and Voila! The 36DDD was a perfect fit! It was snug but not tight around, and the cup provided the coverage and support that Nicki needed. I told her to try a shirt on over it and I could see tears in her eyes. She was lifted, rounded and most off all, the extra skin and flesh was pulled out from under her arms and was no longer visible. I wish I had taken a picture! She looked so great! Her waist looked so tiny and more defined too!

When the sales girl came back to check on us, I pointed out to her all of the things that made the 36DDD a great fit. She agreed and said “thank you for teaching me something new today!”.

Moral of the story: the fitters at VS were definitely lacking, and had I not stepped in, Nicki would have been put in a bra that was poorly fitted and she would still be self conscious about how she looked. Afterwards, Nicki said “Thank you for saying what I was too shy to say. I’ve always hated how I looked in bras, but you helped me to find something that looks good. I really appreciate it!”.

It made me miss the times when I was working at Lane Bryant and doing the same thing for more women. It’s a great feeling and wonderful to be a part of. You can actually see the “Ah-ha!” moment when a woman is put into a great fitting bra for the first time.

When the girls at VS asked me of I wanted a fitting I kindly said no thank you for I am proudly a 40J.

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