Rebuilding My Collection – Lots of Bras for Sale!

I know I said that I would write a review for my new Panache Andorra bras; and I will get to that, tomorrow. I’m at work full-time this week and I am a nanny. I don’t know that the kids need to see pictures of me in my bra!

With that being said, I am slowly working on rebuilding my bra collection with sizes that actually work for me. I purchased the Andorra in a 40J, and I love it, but it definitely is just a special occasion bra, as I feel like, even with the stretchy lace, I still get some slight bubble-age with my larger right breast. Last night, I ordered this gorgeous bra:



The Panache Tango Luxe in Ocean. I ordered it on eBay from the UK. The seller did not have a 40JJ available, so I went ahead and ordered a 40K. When I tried the Ariza, the 40J wasn’t big enough in the cup. I figure, honestly, that in the case of my right breast, bigger is better.  I was able to score this beautiful bra for only $23.20 and that’s including shipping.


I also ordered this other gorgeous lovely:


The Panache Ariza in Violet Mix. As mentioned, I tried this bra on at Intimacy in a 40J. I love the color and the cut of this bra, but again…the 40J just was not big enough for me. Like the Tango Luxe, I ordered this on eBay in a 40K. That may seem like overkill, but I just feel as though it’s better to err on the side of caution. A bra that is too big on the cups (but not overly big – as I doubt I will have any wrinkling in the cup, really) is far better than a bra that is too small, at least in my opinion. I was able to get this beauty for only $28.00 including shipping.  **Combined, the two bras cost less than ONE of my Andorra’s that I purchased at Intimacy**


So, out with the old in with the new, right?

I went through my closet on Monday and I have 23 bras that I need to sell/get rid of. How does one amass a collection of 23 bras you ask? I think, more than anything else, over the years I have been on the search for a bra that truly fit and was comfortable. Most of the bras that I have fit at some point, and all are still comfortable (as most are Lane Bryant bras which are extremely comfortable and rarely, if ever, rub me and make my skin raw).


Here’s my list including asking prices…Most bras are either NEW without tags, or used in excellent condition.
**please comment if you are interested, want to see pics, or comment for whatever reason you fancy!

Lane Bryant:

Black Plunge (44F) – $24.00
Black Satin Full Coverage (44DDD) – $8.00
Beige Lace Balconette (44G) – $15.00
(2) Black Cotton Balconette (42H) – $28/each
Pink Lace Balconette (42G) – $25.00
Pink Cotton Balconette (42G) – $28.00
Pink Cotton Balconette (42H) – $28.00
Teal Cotton Balconette (42G) – $28.00
Longline Cheetah Bra (44G) – $48.00
Print Bandeau Bra (42G) – $40.00
Print Bandeau Bra (44G) – $42.00
Blue Floral Smooth Balconette (42G) – $26.00
Red Smooth Balconette (42G) – $15.00
Cream/Black Lace Balconette (44G) – $24.00
Black Smooth Balconette (42G) – $15.00
Light Blue Smooth Balconette (42H) – $15.00
Red/Black Lace Balconette (42G) – $25.00
Beige French Full Coverage (42H) – $40.00

(((Can you tell I used to work at Lane Bryant???)))


Beige Tamarie (42G) – $20.00
White Tamarie (42G) – $20.00
Black Cleo (40GG) – $40.00


Red Madison (42H) – $70.00


2 thoughts on “Rebuilding My Collection – Lots of Bras for Sale!

  1. Ooh! I’m interested in the possibly seeing the following bras:
    Light Blue Smooth Balconette (42H) – $15.00
    Pink Cotton Balconette (42H) – $28.00

    I’ve never tried Lane Bryant bras and had no idea they had so many larger sizes! I’m a new “enlightened” bra chick who has yet to try an accurate size and am a former Frederick’s 42F (which really turned out to be a 42H-J. 😉

    Thank you!!

    • Here’s the pink cotton balconette (new, never worn, no tags):

      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

      And here’s the light blue smooth balconette (gently used):

      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

      Let me know if it doesn’t show up. I would be willing to sell you both for $38.00 plus shipping.

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