Panache Andorra Review

The long awaited Andorra review!

While at Intimacy in Chicago, I purchased the Panache Andorra full cup bra in both black ($65) and the stunning lagoon ($62) color.

The Andorra is available in bands 28-40, cups D-J.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Anyhoo… I bought both in a 40J…..There are many things I love about this bra, but lets have a look first.


Unfortunately, my camera does not capture the true Lagoon color, but the stock photo from Panache surely does. The 4th picture is to show you the true gorgeousness of the lace upper cup.

FEATURES: Fully adjustable straps, stretch lace upper cup, lined lower cup with lace on the outside. Banded bra, with lace detail on band and on lower half of straps. Pretty bow detail at center gore. Firm, comfortable band.

FIT: The Andorra is a great fit! What is really great about this bra is the stretch lace upper cup! I’ve mentioned more than once that my right breast is a smidge bigger than my left….thankfully, with the stretch lace, this isn’t noticeable at all. I am able to fit both cups without any gaping, spillage, or double boobing. I think that this is a great style for women with small differences in breast size, and it also accommodates different shapes nicely too. The Andorra comes up shorter on the sides, and I think I would have liked just a little more coverage, BUT it does not poke me under my arms very much. The straps are fairly wide set (which is somewhat troublesome at times), but they are supportive and do their job nicely. Between the black and the lagoon, the fit is spot on (although I might say that the black is a little bit more snug in all areas in comparison).

SUPPORT and SHAPE: The support of the Andorra is amazing for my heavy breasts! It is a wonderful balconette shape, and it has side slings to project breast tissue forward. I love the rounded shape that the Andorra gives me. Seriously, the lift and support of this bra cannot be beat. The band is firm and comfortable which I have heard is pretty standard for Panache bras.

OTHER THOUGHTS: I really, really love this bra. It is definitely my favorite bra that I have purchased thus far. It is sexy, feminine, and made sooo very well. I feel very supported and stylish in the Andorra in either color (and I am desperately pining for the same in the gorgeous purple that is on eBay!). The black took a couple wears to break in as it was definitely more snug than the lagoon….but the lagoon is super comfortable without having to be broken in – I am wearing it right now!

I would definitely recommend the Andorra to anyone that wants a beautiful, well supporting bra!

Score: A+++


And, it disappears quite well under clothing!

8 thoughts on “Panache Andorra Review

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  2. This makes me want to try on an Andorra again. I have one that is too big in the band. It’s beautiful and gives me an amazing shape, but stabs me under the arms so badly. I get red raw marks. But I think in part this is that my high boobs and Panache/Cleo bras just don’t get along. But I might have to try it in my standard 34GG rather than the 36GG I own it in.

    It’s totally an every-day bra to me though!

    I know you said you’re looking for good prices: if you’re willing to take a chance, try out the grab bags at Breakout Bras. If they’re available in your size, they are two randomly selected bras for $35. Non-returnable, but if even one fits you’ve still got a good deal. My recent bag had a Fantasie Florence (which is one of my favorite bras, the new one would be #3 for me) and a Cleo Bonnie (which I’m still unsure of and need to troubleshoot or alter.)

    • Thanks for the tip! I will definitely have to see if I can get a grab bag.

      I love my andorra! I’ve been working on losing weight for a while but I had gained about 5 pounds back. Now that I’ve dropped the 5 pounds again, the Andorra is much more comfortable!

      Good luck figuring out yours. If the 36GG is poking you and you usually wear a 34GG it’s because the cup in the 36 is bigger than the 34. I tried the Panache Ariza on in a cup that was too big and the thing stabbed me!

      I would definitely encourage trying the Andorra in the 34GG. It’s gorgeous!

  3. I tried on the Andorra today in pearl, black and lagoon and GOSH I am smitten. That stretch lace upper section is so soft to the touch. I found I needed to go up a cup size to a 28FF from my usual F though.

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