Sorry Daily Boost, You are not the one for me!

On Monday, I received my replacement Curvy Kate bras from my initial order at

I received the Emily in Black in a size 40JJ. I have not taken pics of this, but the shape is a bit more round than my Emily in Nude in the 40J. The lift is significantly lacking, and there is quite a bit of space in the cups. Although the 40J does have some spillage, I honestly feel like the overall look and fit of the 40J is better in comparison to the 40JJ. I’ll be keeping both, as both have their uses….but the 40JJ digs into my arms much more (as the coverage is even wider on the front), making it less comfortable than my black Panache Andorra.

I also received the Daily Boost in a 40K. I am happy to say that I am NOT a 40K in any way. The bra was so big in the cups, and the central gore still did not sit against my chest. The band was thankfully not as snug as it was in the 40J, but the fit is just not right. I think, honestly, that this bra is just not for me. I’ll post a few pictures later when I get the chance…..but suffice it to say that this bra is currently on its way back to the UK to brastop. I have given up on the Daily Boost as I don’t think it will work for me in a 40JJ either. So sad. I was really hoping to find a “padded” bra to wear!


On Tuesday, I also received my Panache Ariza in Violet Mix. I don’t know WHAT possessed me to order this in a 40K, but it was definitely too big. The wires came up so high under my arms that they were stabbing me profusely. This bra is also on its way back to the UK. The seller on eBay informed me that a 40JJ is available, and I will likely re-order this bra in the 40JJ as I really do love it.

The Tango Luxe that I ordered is still not here yet, but since I ordered it in a 40K I am just going to send it right back.

I’m off to Nordstrom’s tonight to seek out the Elomi Briony in a 38J (40J was too big all around). Wish me luck!


Lastly, I’d like to point out an interesting difference between two of my favorite bras…



On top is my Curvy Kate Emily in Nude, size 40J
On bottom is my Panache Andorra in Lagoon, size 40J.

There is almost a half inch difference in the central gore height! The wires are the same width, and the cups are about the same depth. But really, how interesting! This is why my Andorra shows in more of my tank tops than the Emily does.


4 thoughts on “Sorry Daily Boost, You are not the one for me!

  1. i wanted to recommend ordering a pl bra from ewa michalak. in the bigger sizes, im a 36j, they really aren’t very plungy but they still are a nice padded option.

    • Thanks for your suggestion!

      I have thought about ordering from Ewa Michalak, but I’m not sure about the sizing. I know that many have said that her bands come up fairly snug, but I don’t know in what comparison to. I hesitate to order from Poland because it would take about a month and a half and the cost is pretty high.

      How do you feel your band fits in comparison to other bras?

  2. I’m in texas and it took about 10 days to get here after they sent them. a lot of the bras say 14 days to send but mine were sent out in like 5 or 6. i guess i’m a 34 in panache now and my ewa michalak 36j still fit great (i wear them a lot) so size up 1 band size and a cup size too. they are my favorite and i have bras from almost all the full bust companies. the bras are like $45 each and the shipping is $15, but you can order multiple sizes and return the rest.

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