Bra Fit Basics

While I’ve been busy doing reviews, I have also been compiling old knowledge with new knowledge about bra fitting and have been putting some thoughts together that I think are necessary to share.

First let me say that before reading Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust I thought that I would always have underarm fat. Any plus size woman knows what I mean. I thought that no matter how much weight I lost, or whatever I did, I would always have this. And I hated it! But I think that this is one of the most important things for plus size women to be aware of….. If you have underarm fat, or even extra skin, this problem can often be alleviated by going up a cup size in your bra!  This tissue is often migrated breast tissue from years of wearing the wrong bra size. For more information about migrated breast tissue, click here. You can see from even just my first post that I have gone from wearing a 42/44 G to wearing a 40J. And the difference is amazing. I feel so much more confident and sexy in my bras and I don’t have to worry about my arms rubbing against extra tissue!

Here’s some great tips for knowing how your bra should fit, courtesy of The Butterfly Collection

1) All of your breast tissue must sit inside the cup. This includes the breast tissue at the sides, top and middle – it all wants to be inside the cup! If you’re spilling you need a bigger cup. If the cup is baggy, you need a smaller one.

2) Your band should be snug which means it stays securely in place around your body without pinching you. If your band is too loose your bra will move causing you discomfort. If your band is too tight, it hurts!

3) The gore (the centre part at the front) needs to lie flat against your body without poking into you. If the gore doesn’t lie flat it means either your band is too big or your cups are too small.

4)  Straps should not dig into your shoulders, if they do then its’ likely your band is too big. Your band takes the majority of your boobs’ weight so if it’s not supportive enough your straps (and consequently your shoulders) end up taking the strain.

5) Your band should be horizontal with the floor all the way around your body and there should be no gaps between your body and the band (if there are your band or your cups are too big).

There are a few blogs that I read on a regular (see: daily) basis that have great reviews and a lot of really great information about bra fitting and wearing bras. While I could claim that the knowledge is my own, I’d like to acknowledge those that are working their tushies off to encourage being bra smart! Please check out the “BLOG ROLL” page to see what all of these amazing ladies are up to!

Photo courtesy of the Butterfly Collection




Again, a great starting point for many, many women can be found over at A Sophisticated Pair. They offer simple instructions and a size calculator that really can’t be beat!



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