Elomi Briony & Abi Review

I’m roping my Briony and Abi reviews together because they are, essentially, the same exact bra.



The Elomi Briony in claret is available in sizes 36-42 E-JJ, and 44 E-G for about $56.00

The Elomi Abi is available in both black and fawn, sizes 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E -JJ, and 44 E-G for $58.00

Matching panties for both are available in sizes M – 4XL

If you don’t know much about Elomi as a brand, their focus is on the “plus size, full busted” woman. I think this is easy to see in the size range that Elomi offers not only in their bras, but also in their matching panties. For me, this makes Elomi a bit of a more accessible brand as I fall easily into the middle of their sizing range.

While at Nordstrom’s last week, I purchased the Briony in Claret and the Abi in Fawn, both in a size 40J. I think I would prefer a 38JJ overall, but the 40J works for me.



Features: Both the Briony and the Abi have fully adjustable straps that are 1″ thick. The sateen cups are sturdy and supportive. There are bows on both the central gore as well as at the shoulder straps. Lace edging on the top of the cup provide a nice feminine touch. The cup itself is 4 parts (3 for the cup, and the fourth for the side panel/side support). Non-banded bottom and arched central gore for high tummy comfort. 3 hooks and eyes. Powernet wings.

Fit: The fit in the 40J is pretty good. I tried on a 38J as well as a 38JJ and I felt like I got more lift out of the 38, but ultimately, I wasn’t quite ready to go down to a 38 – especially because Elomi is the only brand that is stretchy enough for me to even try a 38. You can see that when I sit or slouch my shoulders, there’s quite a bit of room in the top of the cup (there’s also room in the side of the cup, too)….but this is not noticeable under clothing at all and isn’t quite a bother. The central gore lays flat against my sternum so there’s no problems there.

Support and Shape: As mentioned, the overall lift in the 40J isn’t amazing. The shape isn’t terrible under clothing, but I do feel as though both the Briony and the Abi make me look rather wide (the Panache bras force my breasts forward, making me look more centered and less east & west). When I look at myself in this bra I think “Yes, I am a 40J”. In other bras, I don’t necessarily feel that way. Aside from this, as mentioned, the shape and support under clothing is natural and rounded – not too pointy or anything of the like. It is definitely a full coverage bra. The wires are comfortable, and I LOVE how wide the straps are. The side support panel, for me, is not sturdy enough. I would appreciate a sturdier material here with more forward projection, but alas, that’s not how this bra is made. The wings on the side are taller, which I really like.

Other Thoughts: Even though this bra is a little too big for me in cup, and maybe band, I love how comfortable it is. I work 10+ hours with children most days and I do NOT have to readjust myself in the cup or anything throughout the day. I have worn the Briony many times and I actually just received the Abi today. I really appreciate the bandless aspect of this bra; with my Panache and Curvy Kate bras, the lace on the band tends to itch and irritate after a long day, which is not the case with these Elomi bras. They are comfortable and supportive for every day. Also, the seams are fairly invisible under knits (not all) making it a good choice as a t-shirt bra. The materias are nice and sturdy, yet also comfortable and feminine.

Score: B+

8 thoughts on “Elomi Briony & Abi Review

  1. Interesting to see this bra on someone else, as I’ve been unable to get this style to work on me even though the Caitlyn is perfect. My issue with the Abi is the flexibility of the underwires… in order to get the band snug enough, it pulls the wires wide (getting that wide look) and they end up so far back they aren’t even under my arms anymore. Such a shame that Elomi can’t put the same underwires in this (and some of the other styles) that they do in the Caitlyn and Betty.

    • I had to go back and read your post about the Abi again after seeing your reply. I wore the Abi all day yesterday, and I think that, of the two, the Briony is more comfortable. The Abi seemed to really pinch me quite a bit and the wires were not as comfortable as the Briony….though when you feel the bras (including wires) they really are the exact same bra with minor aesthetic differences. I have the Briony on today and I just like it much better. I feel like the shape is a little less wide but not necessarily a huge difference.

      I personally don’t find the Caitlyn attractive at ALL and I feel like I’m wearing a sports bra when I have it on. I LOVE the look of the Betty, but I’m not sure how much of a real plunge it is, and I cannot fathom shelling out the cash for the Betty, yet.

      Thanks for stopping by, Emerald! 🙂

  2. I wear Elomi bras and they make me look wider than I am also. I just found your blog. Are there any bra brands other than Panache that don’t make you appear wider than you actually are? The wide look really ruins the look inf t-shirts which I wear quite often.

    • Hi!

      I actually found that the Curvy Kate Portia does not make you look as wide. Some of the CK styles are better than others. Check out my reviews of the Emily, Lottie and Daily Boost.

  3. First, I love the new look of the blog! It’s so classy and beautiful! Second, I really enjoyed your reviews. Elomi, in general, creates a wider set look because they use higher center gores and slightly wider underwires which pushes breast tissue to the side more. The Betty is a true plunge and has a much lower center gore than regular Elomi styles, so it’s worth a try if you’re in the market for it. Are you excited for the Panache Sculptress line hitting stores next spring? I was a somewhat disappointed that they stopped many styles at an H cup and have no styles higher than J, but it’s great to have another option!

    • Hi Erica!

      Yes, I love the new look too 🙂

      I am definitely lusting after the Betty, but none of the stores in my area carry it. I am kind of hesitant to order it because it only comes into an HH though this might actually work for me since the J in the 40 here is a little too big (I am actually considering returning the Abi). It’s a little pricey, so maybe I’ll ask for it for Christmas 🙂

      I am definitely excited for the Panache Sculptresse line! From what I have seen, the colors and styling are quite beautiful. I am curious if the fit and support will be similar to the Superbra line, but either way, I can’t wait to try it. I am continuing to lose weight, so I hope that (a) I go down a few band sizes and (b) my boobs get smaller. I’d be so sad if I ended up needing like a 36K! That seems harder to find!


  4. The problem with Elomi and other brands that are too wide is that the piece between the strap and the outside of the wire (just under the front of the arm) is too wide. I alter it by pinching an inch or two vertically and sewing it together vertically so that the space along the side gore is tighter, which helps push breast tissue forward, and actually delivers the “side support” that the brand claims it does.

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