Know Your Breasts – Fitting to Your Unique Shape

There’s a lot of posts I’ve been meaning to write, and this is definitely one of them (in addition to my latest experience shopping, and my upcoming reviews of the Elomi Briony/Abi)

I don’t know if you’ve been over to Her Room lately, but they have developed a great tool for helping women to find bras that fit their unique breast and body shape.

The “program” walks you through some questions about your breast shape, providing visual examples for accurate comparison and explanations of each shape/type. After you complete the questionnaire, the site lists specific styles of bras that are suited to your specific shape.

I think that this tool is a great place for women to get ideas about different bras for their body type, especially if they are struggling with finding the right style. As noted, not all bra styles are made the same, and are not comfortable for all body and breast shapes.

My results were:

  • splayed breasts
  • settled breasts
  • downward pointing apex
  • large areolas
  • uneven breasts
  • distended high tummy

I wasn’t surprised that these were the results that I was given. The program suggested I try many of the styles I already love…

  • Balconettes
  • Plunges
  • Styles with a triangle shaped central gore
  • Bandless bras
  • Bras with side support and/or higher side panels
  • Seamed cups with vertical center seams (for better lift)
  • Full coverage styles with multi-part cups
  • Cups with elasticized top edges to accomodate for size differences

All of these definitely make sense and explain why I am in love with my Elomi Briony and Abi lately, as well as the Panache Andorra.

Why don’t you take some time, click HERE, and learn about your breasts today? It’s sure to be an uplifting experience! 

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