Fussy Busty’s Thursday Faves 9/6

I see a lot of blogs that I read doing weekly highlights of good reads, and I wanted to follow trend (though on an odd day, for sure!).

Putting Your Bra on Properly  In this post, Anna goes to great length to show how one should put a bra on properly (the scoop and swoop!). She provides great pictures and examples of what makes a bra fit great – and maybe not so great – after you take the time to put your bra on the proper way! I think this is something everyone who is new to bras should read!!!

Things Haven’t Been Running So Smoothie-ly Broods review of the new Curvy Kate “Smoothie” bra is the first that I have seen for the new bra. The information is important because Brood talks about the fit and the sizing of this new bra, letting us know that even though the sizing is somewhat limited, the cups are roomy! Yay!

Intimate Apparel 101  Let me just say that I love reading Cece’s blog because of her quirky and sweet personality that is easily conveyed in her writing. What I love about this post is that it explains Lingerie seasons, as well as the method behind product releases. Excellent information!

I am also loving reading Sweet Nothings, UndieGamer, The Lingerie Lesbian, and Lingerie Abstracts 

Tell us what you think!

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