Plus Size Bra Review: Panache Ariza

Oh the Panache Ariza. How I love thee, and yet you do not work for me.

The Ariza is available in sizes 30-40 DD-K in basic and fashion colors. Pictured here is the Violet Mix. Currently on sale for $37 on

As mentioned, the Ariza just does not work for me. I have tried it in a 40J, 40JJ, and a 40K. The best fit was probably the 40J, but even then, my right breast pillowed out of the cup. The pics here are of the 40JJ that I got last week and ended up returning.

Features: Fully adjustable straps, 3 hooks in double J cup, bow on central gore, seamed cups, banded bottom, fully lined and embroidered.

Fit: As noted, I just couldn’t get the fit right. When I compare the Ariza to other bras like the Andorra and my Elomi bras, the wires are NOT as wide. You can see this in the picture. In addition to them not being as wide, they came up much higher. Overall, I think I could have maybe made the fit work for me had I been able to bend the wires back father underneath my arm, BUT the fabric was short at the top of this part of the cup, and I think it would have pulled too much on the shoulder strap. As with my other Panache bra, I felt like the shape was more forward than wide, which I liked.

Support and Shape: You really can’t beat a Panache Superbra! Even though the bra did not fit, I felt like I was lifted and shaped really quite nicely. What I LOVE about Panache in general is that the seaming really provides an uplifted shape. The wires were sturdy and not flimsy in the least. Great for lifting a heavy bust.

Other thoughts: I so badly want to own this bra. It’s gorgeous and I’ve had my eye on the Violet Mix for ever. However, after trying it in three different sizes, I think the reality is just that it’s not a good fit for me. I do love the lift and style of this bra (though it does come up pretty high for a balconette). I think this would be a great bra for someone who does not have a lot of side boob that they would need pulled into the cup, because the wires are not as wide as you would expect or want them to be.

Grade: B 

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