Fussy Busty’s Thursday Faves 9/13

Bra Fitting on a Fat Body   –  I LOVE this post. XL Hourglass and I have the same exact problem with our backs and being squishy. I think that this is important for (1) fitters to be aware of and for (2) plus size women to be aware of. We are taught to think that a band should not dig in when it fits correctly BUT when you are squishy and….dare I say…..fat……it’s inevitable, and can be the sign of a well fitting bra! Kudos! The fitters at my closest Lane Bryant don’t know about this phenomenon and have often said to me “Your band is too tight!”. No!

What to Expect in a Bra Fitting  – Yes, yes and more yes! Please read this! This is a great post about what to expect in a bra fitting: how the fitter should help you, how you should feel, and what you should get out of it!

And most importantly……

Diversity is More Than a Bra Size  – Treacle discusses the fact that diversity is more than bra size and talks about what it feels like to be a woman of color in the lingerie industry. I think this is a great read, and definitely touches on a subject that even I overlook sometimes

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