Plus Size Bra Review: Bestform Rebecca

The Bestform Rebecca bra is available in sizes ??? It’s on sale for super cheap on

I purchased this bra on a whim from during a recent order when I was really just getting my paws on the gorgeous Curvy Kate Angel in Bluebell/White (more on that in another post). It was only like $17 and I thought….what the hell? I ordered this in a 40J.



Features: Fully adjustable straps, 3 hook and eyes, seamed cups, mesh top detail, buttons on central gore, strange “cotton” fabric

Fit: Not for me. At all. Oh my gosh, this bra does terrible things to my chest. Let me say this: the band was really, really stretchy. Not a true 40 at all. It was definitely a cheaper fabric that would probably wear out after a few wears. Also, either the cup runs small, or the wires really just weren’t wide enough for me (probably a combination of both). I have a lot of migrated breast tissue, and so I need wider wires – like in my Elomi bras and my Panache Andorra – that come under my arms more and tuck this tissue into the cups.

Support and Shape: I feel like I can’t really comment on this because the fit was so terrible on me. It was very torpedo-y, but it did lift my boobs off my chest.

Other thoughts: Yikes. There was nothing that I liked about this bra. The material was really weird. It was supposed to be cotton, but it felt like a mix between felt and….cardboard? It was really stiff and just really, really weird. The fit made me sad. I would say that this bra runs a couple band sizes big, and  perhaps a cup size small. It would be best suited for women whose breasts sit closer together and for those that do not have a lot of “side boob”.

Grade: F (for me, at least) 

It will cost more for me to send this back than what I would actually get in the return. If anyone wants it, please let me know. I’ll take $10 + shipping.

3 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Bestform Rebecca

    • I know 😦 It makes me sad because it really was such a great deal. Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust mentions this bra in one of her posts and she really likes it…..So maybe, it’s really just not for me and my shape.

      I’d say you should maybe try it anyways….but if you buy it and it doesn’t work, you will definitely be stuck with it 😦

  1. Oh gosh, that is an odd fit! It looks very strange, it almost looks like the fabric of the cups is too big, but the wires are too small, hmm! And it looks nothing like the picture 😮 Something that often annoys me, full bust brands, where all their models seem to be the smallest cup size available :/ Just doesn’t give a very clear picture of what the bra looks like…

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