Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi Hermione…love at first sight!

I was lucky to be able to purchase the Elomi Hermione Spacer Bra for a decent price of $54.00 by having a Nordstrom note for $20 off. This bra is expensive, but definitely worth every penny. Read on to see why 🙂

The Elomi Hermione Spacer Bra is available in sizes 34 G-HH, 36-40 DD-HH, 42 DD-H, 44 DD-GG, and 46 DD-FF. Bra is typically $74.00. Matching panties are available sizes M-4XL ($32.00). The Hermione is newly available in this lovely Navy, and is also in Fawn. It can be found in certain sizes in the delightful Charcoal (which I so want, but can’t find in my size 😦 )

When I first tried on this bra, I tried on a 40H because that was the size that Nordstrom had in the fawn at the time that I went. I did not buy it because  it didn’t fit in the cup and I wasn’t crazy about the price of the bra. However, the Hermione lingered in my lingerie lust bubble and I knew that I had to have it once I saw the September navy colorway release. I also happened to receive my $20 Nordstrom note in the mail 😀 I drug my husband off to Nordstrom again on Sunday and tried to see if there was a 40HH in the store for me to try. Well, I was only able to find a 42H (a sister to 40HH) and tried that to see if cup size might work. In my previous Elomi bras, I’ve felt like even though the 40Js fit, I could have sized down to a 40HH (now, I feel like I am somewhat bubbling out of the 40J in the Briony, though the Abi is still a perfect fit and I love to wear it).

Success! The 42H fit in the cup, but the store only carried the fawn. The salesgirl told me that they did not have any in the back (and did NOT offer to order the bra for me in another size….don’t get me started, but she was soooo ineffective at her job). Well, I promptly got in the car, downloaded the Nordstrom app on my iPhone and purchased the Hermione in navy in a 40HH. Yay! It arrived today and I am so excited to share this beauty with you 🙂

Pictures please!!


Features: To properly capture how special this bra is, I’m copying the description from Elomi’s website “Ultra-light, super-stylish and totally supportive, Hermione’s seamless spacer fabric traps a layer of air to create a rounded shape, without adding volume. With a new navy option for this season, Hermione is particularly comfortable for short-waisted figures”.  The bra has fully adjustable straps, three hooks and eyes, and has this gorgeous lace material on the side of the cup (I hope this is visible enough in the side view picture) that really adds that special touch. It has a lower center gore that makes it great for wearing under v-neck t-shirts (see pictures below). My favorite thing about Elomi as a brand is the 1″ wide straps that all of their bras have. I LOVE wide straps.

Fit: Compared to other Elomi bras like the Briony and the Abi, the Hermione band is quite firm. I would say that this band is a true 40 band (whereas the other bands were actually slightly bigger). I really appreciate the firmness of the band and I know that I will get more life out of this bra than my others. The cups are a near perfect fit for me in the 40HH. I think the only problem I have with the fit is the small bit of spillage at the top of the side of the bra. It’s not cut as high as some of my other bras and this sometimes leads me to think that the cup isn’t big enough…BUT a bigger cup would be uncomfortable as the wires on the Hermione already come back pretty far under my arm. I am comfortable with the fit of this bra. Other than that, I feel like the spacer fabric hugs my boobs in such a delicious way. The fabric is stretchy but not too much so, and really molds to your shape…not changing it, but enhancing it. The top seam of the cup is fairly firm, so if you have differences in breast size I think this is really important to be aware of. It *almost* cuts into my right breast a little, but it is not noticeable at all under clothing. The shape of the bra is what I imagine if a full coverage bra and a balconette had a love child.

Support and Shape: The support and shape of the Hermione make me want to cry. THIS is what I have been looking for all along. I have struggled so much with the shape from my Curvy Kate bras being too square, and with the shape of my other Elomi bras being too wide….but this…..this is heaven. Pure heaven. The shape is nice and rounded, and brings more of the tissue forward instead of to the sides. While the lift is not as “in your face” as what I get with my Andorra, the lift is suitable for everyday wear with many different outfits. I really cannot get over how great this bra looks.

Other thoughts: I know that it can be easy to balk at the $74 price tag. I get it. That’s a lot of money to spend on a bra….but this bra is TOTALLY worth it. It’s really hard to find a great t-shirt bra, especially in the upper cup size range, and I feel like the Hermione fulfills this need in a supportive, sexy and stylish way. I want every color of this bra. I can move, bend over, jump up and down, and do things around the house without feeling like I’m going to fall out of the cups.

Grade: A+

I recently purchased some cheapy long sleeve v-neck t-shirts from Old Navy. Look at how wonderfully the Hermione disappears under clothing. Such a great t-shirt bra!!!

8 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi Hermione…love at first sight!

  1. That shape is fantastic! Glad you found an awesome bra. If that were available in small back sizes I’d totally get it for the shape alone. So nice!

  2. This looks amazing on you! I’d the color as dark as it appears in your photos? And a t-shirt bra? I’m pretty jealous.
    In the Elomi description it says it is great for short waisted figured. Now I’m not sure if you consider yourself short waisted or not, but do you have any thoughts on that? I know many ladies have issues with the band digging in the front on their soft tissue. It would be great to be able to recommend a bra that doesn’t do that.

    • Yes! It is a gorgeous dark navy.

      I think I would say that I am short waisted because of my weight. My tummy comes up pretty high. This bra definitely works with that body type! The Bandless Elomi styles are great and do not rub against soft tissue. For those that are short waisted, I would suggest the Hermione, Abi, Betty and Maggie 🙂

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and am going through all your entries from the beginning. I am really enjoying your bra knowledge! I wish I knew so much at your age (I’m close to 50).

    Anyway, I know I’m a “bit” late with this comment and don’t even know if you’ll see it, but I just wanted to tell you about a website I get this bra from. It’s Breakout Bras and they carry the Hermione for $68.00. They always give a 10% off code, making it $61.20 (code is on the home page) and they always have free shipping. They’re US based (NC, I think). I swear I don’t work for them, it’s just that I love this bra too and find their prices to be the best. And at certain times of the year, they offer 25% off your order!

    I’m usually a 36J but wanted a t-shirt bra sooo badly I decided to take a chance on a 38HH. Works wonderfully and it’s nice not to have lines show up under t-shirts.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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