The Problem of ‘Nightwear’

I was prompted to write this because my husband and I’s first anniversary is coming up next month – October 15 – and I’ve been looking for lingerie for our little getaway. We rented a cabin for two nights in Hocking Hills (i.e. gorgeous cabin in secluded woods, surrounded by hiking trails, caves, and wildlife), and our cabin has a private hot tub. Oooh la la, I am so excited.

My current collection of ‘nightwear’ is old and boring, and I am definitely in the market for something new. However, I have run into a problem. It’s really hard to find nightwear that is not only sexy – that’s easy to find – but also fits and flatters my full bust.

For me, obviously my go to has always been Lane Bryant for nightwear; they do have a pretty good selection of chemises, babydolls, “corsets” and special bra + panty sets (hello faux python longline….)…..but the sizes are limited, especially because a US H cup is a UK FF cup. Oops. I need a US M-N.

So, something like this is totally me and my style:

Tiered Lace Babydoll by Cacique, sizes 14/16-26/28 $49.95

Except for the fact that it has built in underwires…, I could buy a 26/28 to accomodate my breast size (and still be bulging out of the cups) and have poor fit everywhere else. From what I remember about working there, the base cup size for Lane Bryant’s lingerie is about a D-DD cup. So even a 26/28 DD (46-48 band) is only like….a 40G in their sizing (or a UK 40 F).

You can get styles of lingerie that do NOT have underwire in them, like this:

Rhumba Lace Babydoll by Cacique, sizes 14/16-26/28 $42.95

Which gives you a litte more room in terms of different breast shapes and sizes…BUT….then you have the dreaded saggy boobies. I have quite a few babydolls like this, and I 99% of the time end up wearing a black bra underneath them so that the babydoll actually looks like it is supposed to.

The many times that I have gone into Lane Bryant to look for something, I am always accosted by sales girls who say “Buy it anyways! It’s not supposed to be a perfect fit! It’s lingerie! It’s going to come off fast anyways, right?” But….wait….aren’t I supposed to feel sexy in my lingerie? Now that I’ve learned which bras fit and what size I need, the last thing I want to do is pack myself into a piece of lingerie with cups that are too small. I won’t feel sexy and confident in something like that. It will just remind me of how uncomfortable my boobs have been for the past….12 years. No. I don’t want to do that. And I do appreciate the styles without underwire, but I still end up wearing a bra with them in order to feel sexy and confident. That’s just one more thing to take off 😉 Boo.

I’ve searched and scoured the sites of Hips and Curves, Bravissimo, and even Frederick’s of Hollywood….but I haven’t really found anything that appeals to my taste and will be a good fit for me. I’ll admit that I need help 🙂 I love wearing lingerie that isn’t just bras and panties, as I love the sense of mystery and surprise that these other items can provide.

Question to full bust readers (and also plus sized): Where do you buy your nightwear? Are you able to find pieces that fit and flatter while also providing the sexy aspect? Do you have to compensate and wear a regular bra under your nightwear? 

9 thoughts on “The Problem of ‘Nightwear’

  1. I don’t and this kills me! Basically, I lust after everything from Parfait Affinitas. EXACTLY my style but since they end in a G cup I’d have to go up so many band sizes to get the correct cup size that at that point it would be pointless. 😦 Something like their Anna bustier: SWOON! Or this babydoll: sigh…

    They HAVE said that they’ll be increasing their size range but no clue when. Even if they went up to an H cup, I’d probably be able to squeeze myself into it more or less. Would love to see them go up to a J cup! Seriously, almost everything they have I spend all my time drooling over. Basically, long story short nothing comes in remotely my size at the moment. 😦

    • Oh June….you share things that tempt me even further. I have seen a lot of the pieces by Parfait Affinitas and they ARE gorgeous. That black babydoll you link to? My style. Totally. I love it.

      Hopefully they (and other brands) start to increase the size range for their lingerie. I’ll have to keep my eyes open and my ears to the ground…..

      • They have mentioned on twitter to me before that they are expanding their range size. No clue when/to what extent but it’s seriously tempting. I just love their style!

  2. I don’t know if it’s your style, but there are some Affinitas babydolls on sale right now at Zulily with sizes up to 40G (I think Affinitas uses the UK sizing system). It might be worth trying for the price, but there are no returns and shipping can take a long time even though it is in the US.

  3. I’m surprised Elomi doesn’t offer more nightwear, especially considering Freya’s Lounge options and Elomi’s current design-awesomeness. Now that Freya and Fantasie are jumping on the chemise bandwagon, hopefully Elomi isn’t far behind! Bravissimo is allegedly expanding their nightwear range to J-cup support (next year? I think? Maybe late this year at the earliest), and it’s long overdue. Wish I knew of something more helpful!

  4. Oh my gosh, I completely agree with everything in this post. I’m in love with the chemises from Eberjey and they are right in line with my feminine, detailed lingerie preferences. Unfortunately, they look the best (in the cups) on A-D cups. Boo, hiss. In the past, I’ve just bought them and then worn bras right before bed. Since I haven’t gotten in the habit of wearing a sleep bra, I wake up with my boobs all over the place. Far from a “sexy” look!

    I’m interested in the Parfait by Affinitas babydolls and Freya’s chemises as well, but I haven’t tried either yet. Despite being around a 30G, I suppose I keep thinking that no nightwear could possibly work up top.

    In terms of nightwear for plus sized & full busted women, Elomi does have a Maggie chemise: which I think looks great for an anniversary trip. Congratulations, by the way! I also think they’re looking at expanding the range. In the newest retailer catalog, there’s more chemises that tie in with their bra styles and one goes up to an H cup and a 42 band. 🙂

    • I love the Maggie chemise!

      I think I am coming to the conclusion that at least for now, I am going to have to get something that is not an ideal fit 😦 BOO.

      But….slowly, companies are expanding their range. Perhaps for my 2nd anniversary I will have more options 🙂

  5. Hi – have you tried ? Yes, no under-wires – but designed for plus size. the nightwear is supportive and how it looks on the models is how it is in real life. No taping, no airbrushing, no implants. And I make to order. Like you I got tired of nothing fitting or looking good so I started to make for myself.

    Abi xxx

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