Fall Wishlist

There are so many bras that I want right now, and the wallet will not allow. So, instead of lusting silently, I thought I would share what has me lusting right now….(excuse the weird sizes of pictures). Click name of bra to go to site with prices listed.




Panache ‘Fern’ Balconette Bra in Oriental Bloom (available in sizes 30-40 E-K) Available on Bravissimo’s site for $46.71

I want this bra so bad. I’ve loved the style and shape of the Fern for so long, and this is the first time I have seen it in a 40 band.

Panache ‘Andorra’ bra in Mink (available in sizes 30-40 D-J). Available on Bravissimo’s site for $46.71

My favorite bra. In this gorgeous color. What’s not to love?!

PL Onyks by Ewa Michalak (available in sizes 28FF-46HH). On Ewa Michalak’s site for $48.11

I desperately want to try an EM bra after reading so many great things about these bras. After much deliberation with many helpful women on my FB page, I think I would need to order either a 42J or a 44HH (if I get the PL black, then the 42, I think). I’m still trying to convince my husband that it’s totally worthwhile to buy a bra from Poland. I think after shipping and the PayPal transaction fee, I’m looking at like $64 or something.

PL Black by Ewa Michalak (available in sizes 30C – 46HH). On Ewa Michalak’s site for $41.65

Sports Bra by Panache (available in sizes 28DD – 40 GG). On Bravissimo for $56.38/Nordstrom for $68.00

I am really getting into running this fall and I do not like black eyes. I would be willing to cram my J cup breasts into a GG cup.

Betty Plunge bra by Elomi (available in sizes 34 GG-HH, 36-42 DD – HH, 44 D-G, and 46 D-DD). Available on Bare Necessities for $68.00

Who doesn’t want this bra? I love the styling, the print, the purpose….I think I would prefer to have this bra in red, but most of those have sold out 😦

In completely other worlds…..

My well loved Vibram KSO’s.

I’ve been running in Vibram Five Fingers for the past 8 months or so, but have been having a lot of problems with my plantar’s tendon lately. We have a really neat shoe store called Second Sole, where they fit you for shoes, address your individual needs, etc close by and I stopped in there this week. The associate that helped me at Second Sole suggested this style as a nice transition from barefoot running…. Want so bad but soooo expensive 😦  Literally the most comfortable running shoe I have ever had the pleasure of having on my foot…Not a bra, but I still want these.  I tried these on on Thursday. I fell in love. Behold, the Cortana…..

Saucony ‘Cortana’ for Women in Black/Pink/Silver (available in sizes 5.5 – 12.0) On Sale on Saucony’s website for $108.00

I swear I am done drooling now. 

***What bras are on your wish list right now???***

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