Plus Size Bra Review: Curvy Kate Angel

the Curvy Kate Angel bra is available in sizes 28-40 D-K, in basic and fashion colors. The bluebell/white is currently on sale at and for $23. Matching garter and panties also available, UK sizes 8-22

I desperately wanted to order the matching panties with this bra, but I wasn’t sure if I would like the bra or if it would fit, as well as the fact that only the thong came in a UK22, which is still probably too small as I would need a 22 in US sizing for my bottom half to be comfortable. I ordered this bra in a 40JJ.

Without further ado, pictures 🙂

Features: Fully adjustable straps, 3 sets of hooks and eyes in JJ cup, bow on central gore and straps, seamed cups, non banded bra, lace and ribbon detail at top of cup, double lined lower half of cup, criss-cross coral accents on side band, balconette shape

Fit: The fit is kind of what I expected for the Angel. I remember reading that the fit is similar to the Portia, so this is why I got the JJ instead of the J cup. As you can see, there is definitely space (and wrinkling) in both of the cups, though moreso on the left breast – my smaller of the two. Unfortunately, it’s either I go for too big in the cup, or I have double boob in the J cup 😦 I am just in between sizes for Curvy Kate. The band was firm, but comfortable.  The wires and cups completely encase my breast tissue all around. The central gore sits flush against my chest, and the straps do not dig into my shoulders. The wrinkling in the fabric DOES show under shirts and looks lumpy 😦

Support and Shape: The wires on the Angel felt more sturdy compared to the wires in my Portia, which I like. The support is definitely there, but I do have specific complaints about the shape and lift. As you can see, the lower half of the cup provides a nice, rounded shape. However, when this is connected to the upper, sheer part of the cup, the shape gets pointy and square. The shape in the JJ in CK bras is definitely more round and less downward droopy than what I get in a CK 40J, BUT, I still feel like this is not the best shape that I could get. For some reason when the two fabrics connect, the shape gets wonky. I will also say that there’s too much space in the upper part of the cup. I could easily pull the upper part of the cup to where the strap meets, sew or tack it down, and get more control and a better shape (and I will probably have to do this). I also notice that where the two fabrics meet, I tend to get a little mini double boob (just around the seam). This is weird, and is definitely noticeable under clothes. I have this problem with my Emily in a 40JJ, too….but I think it really happens because there’s not enough tension on the fabric due to the cup being slightly too big for me. The lift in my Curvy Kate bras is nothing to be wowed about. There’s still some work to be done here, and I feel like I have to tighten the straps a lot for me to not be so droopy. Maybe I’m still getting used to seeing my breasts in an unpadded bra that actually fits…. 

Other Thoughts: I’m not sure why I keep buying Curvy Kate bras when I feel like the shape is always lacking….at least, in what I would expect. For me, these bras are not bras that I can buy and wear and be immediately happy with the fit. I need to alter them to get the shape and support that I am looking for, otherwise I am really self conscious all day. I think the fact remains that CK bras are some of the cutest and most stylish bras for my size  and I really don’t want black and white bras for everyday wear. CK provides playful, sweet and sexy options that I don’t have access to in other brands due to my size. I do wish that I could combine all the things I love about my Panache Andorra (lift and shape) with the sexy, playfulness of any of my Curvy Kate styles.

I am definitely keeping this bra because I know that I can alter it to make it look less visible under clothes and to give me that stability I need in the upper cup. I will post an “after alterations” post once I get it done 🙂 Compared to the other Curvy Kate styles, I still think the Emily is my favorite. My beige Emily in a 40J has definitely relaxed with more wear and washes and it is one of my regular go-to bras that I wear even though I feel like my right boob still needs more coverage.

Grade: B+ this bra is gorgeous, but needs some help to get the shape that I want

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