Plus Size Bra Review: Freya Faye

The Freya Faye plunge balcony bra is available in sizes 28 D-J, 30 D-K, 32-36 C-K, 38 C-J in colors black, white and beige. Average price is anywhere from $20-45

After reading multiple reviews from Erica and Lingerie Abstracts, I got the impression that the band on the Faye was pretty stretchy. I usually wear a 40J….but I knew that not only was the Faye’s band stretchy, but I also am able to wear a 40HH in Elomi, the sister brand of Freya. I ordered this in a 38J from Nordstrom’s to the tune of $44.

Pictures!! 🙂

Features: Fully adjustable straps, three hook and eye sets in a J cup, bows on central gore and at strap apex, lace sheer upper cup, fully lined lower cup, plunge balcony shape

Fit: I think what I’d really need in this bra is a JJ cup, maybe a K. But, those sizes are not included in a 38 band. I have side boob and the central gore did not sit flush against my chest. I will say that the 38 band was comfortable, so those of us that wear a 40 and are smaller than a J cup definitely have another option in this bra. In thinking back, I really should have measured this bra to see what the band stretches to before mailing it back today.

Support and Shape: Even though the bra did not fit, I did feel very supported, and the shape was nice. It is definitely more rounded and supported than what I get in a lot of my other bras. I would definitely recommend 🙂

Other thoughts: I wish this bra had fit me. I really loved the pattern on the lower cup, and I liked the sheer upper top. The bra was actually quite comfortable, and as you can see….very nice looking on. I would say that the bra itself is *not* a plunge balcony, though it can be kind of hard to tell what the shape is since it does not fit. I feel like my Hermione’s wires hit lower in the center than this bra does. Perhaps that is a difference in the upper cup range.

Grade: B+ 

For those of you that own the ‘Faye’ did you also feel as though the band was quite stretchy? 

6 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Freya Faye

  1. In the black, I felt the band was a little more true-to-size in what I expect from Freya, but the beige color stretched out FAST! In reality, I shouldn’t have kept it and instead bought the 28 because it felt loose initially. Darker dyes can tighten fabric fibers which I think accounts for why the black fits better than the beige does. Such a shame that it wasn’t available in your cup size because I think you would have gotten a lot of wear out of it!

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  4. soo stretchy. i have the beige and im not sure what to do with it; the shape is starting to look quite off because of the ever-stretching fabric. disappointing.

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