Body Love

I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m in the process of losing weight; the reality of this is that I have been at the same weight since about the middle of May. I’ve gained and lost the same few pounds over the course of the summer, and I’m still sitting at my lowest weight thus far.

While I know this blog is primarily devoted to bra reviews, experiences with lingerie and so on….I think I want to also include some of the things I would normally write about on my weight loss blog (which has taken a back seat to this blog šŸ˜› ), which includes healthy recipes, workouts, and just the overall emotional aspect of weight loss.

It’s not a true statement that women with large breasts are also larger framed or even plus sized. Any body size can have large breasts. But I do write from the plus size perspective.

The point of this post: Body love and weight loss.

Since I started reading Georgina’s blog and many other bra blogs (see Blogroll on the left), I’ve started to embrace and love my body more. I think it’s easy to hate your breasts when you’re not wearing the right size bra – boobs that are not supported well definitely affect your entire self-esteem. How your clothes fit, how your body feels, and what you think are all affected by wearing a wrong size bra.

Now that I’ve been wearing the right size bra I feel better about my body. I think most importantly, even without losing more weight, my waist is more defined. This is wholly due to the fact that my breasts are lifted up to where they are supposed to be. It’s like I’ve lost 10 pounds around my waistline immediately. Add in the fact that there’s no more side boob, so I look slimmer in through my shoulders and breast area anyways.

Physically, since wearing the right size bra, I look a lot slimmer.

But my weight loss has still stalled, and I don’t feel as motivated to focus on weight loss. (i.e. I have not been weighing/measuring my food as much and am somewhat lackluster about counting calories. I still exercise most days of the week).

Body hate is never good. But I think there has to be something you’re not happy with in order to motivate you to change. It could be that you want smaller arms, more toned legs, a flatter stomach, better health….

But in this moment, whether anyone agrees with me or not (doctors included) I feel as though I am in the best health and shape I have ever been in my life. Sure, I have days where I gripe about this or that on my body….but, on the whole, I feel pretty good. So much of what the women in the bra blog community writes about is body love and acceptance. Hello VOLUP2 magazine….thank you for helping people to see that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, colors and so on…

I go to the gym in a tank top and workout shorts. I’ll show my arms and my legs. I’ll show off my cleavage. I’ll wear electric blue jeggings. Because I can, and because I like to.

I think that now, in our society, is one of the best times to be plus size – or even any size, really. You don’t have to be embarrassed about what you look like.

I was talking with my husband today about the reasons I’m not losing weight. It took me many, many years to feel confident and to love my body. And I’m in that place right now – almost to a fault. When I think about why I should lose weight, and why I am content as I am at the moment, the reasons for contentedness seem to outweigh the why’s I should lose weight. Yes, I have a BMI of 46. Yes, I weigh over 250 pounds. Yes, I wear double digit sized clothing. I am discouraged from having children right now because of the risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

BUT….I can lift 80 pounds, leg press 150, can do 60 pull-ups, 60 pushups, 40 sit ups, do 90 squats in a minute, run a mile in 15 minutes, and so many other things. My legs have definition even when I am not flexing them. My body fat percentage started at 65%; now it is 40%. In the past year, I have gone through a physical and emotional transformation. Last September, I woke up hating myself and knowing that I had to do something to change my life….And I’ve done a LOT of things to change my life. I’m happy with how strong I have made my body. And while maybe my abilities don’t amaze everyone – they amaze me and make me love my body even more.

I go for my yearly check-up with my general doctor in November. Hopefully I’ll have lost another 10 pounds before I see her. She may comment that my weight hasn’t changed much since my visit in May. Maybe my weight hasn’t changed. But my body has changed and so has my heart.

***What are a few things that you LOVE about your body?***

3 thoughts on “Body Love

  1. I love when we recognize and celebrate all the amazing things our bodies can accomplish. I think you’re right to be proud of yours! Keep up the great work, both emotional and physical– they really do work together! xo

  2. Wow! I for one am amazed. I consider myself reasonably fit and I cannot do ONE pull-up. I’ll get there though! I’m also fitter now than when I was 20 pounds lighter and I love my body for what it can do.

  3. I love our attitude, Nicole! It wasn’t until I started thinking like that I actually started to lose weight because I eased the self-imposed criticism and pressure. Body love is something we all need to embrace if we’re going to start building positivity about ourselves and how we look. Great post!

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