Highlight: Elomi “Roxy” Longline

Photo courtesy of Elomi



I was contacted by Alexis at Eveden Group (Freya, Fantasie, Goddess, Elomi, etc…) last week and she kindly sent me the AW12/SS13 catalogs and image discs. She also helped me to set up a meeting with their fit specialist, Suzanne (whom I am meeting with today).

This is definitely a huge moment for me as a blogger, and I am so excited to have my first meet and greet. For this reason, I am so stoked to share my biggest lust, the Roxy Longline by Elomi, which comes next summer. I cannot wait for this bra!

Happy Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “Highlight: Elomi “Roxy” Longline

  1. I am so jealous! I am soooo lusting after that one, it is seriously my dream bra: Longline, denim-looking, low gore, plus-size suitable, higher-rise bottoms but still below belly botton! All these things are something I’ve been looking for forever, so this set is at the TOP of my list! I am looking forward to hear more about it 😀

  2. That is the most wonderful bra ever! And I’m so glad that Elomi are making some sexy and fun items for the fuller figured women. Can’t wait for this one!

  3. Great looking bra. Too bad I couldn’t wear it because of my stomach 😦 Congratulations on the meet and greet. I hope everything goes well.

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