Previews: Elomi, Fantasie and Freya

I’m going to write about my experience meeting with Suzanne from Eveden, but I want to break up the experience into two posts. This post will focus on the bras from the upcoming season that I got to touch with my own little paws….and let me tell you….they are DELIGHTFUL. We were hanging out in Panera Bread and I apologize to the people sitting next to us whom were shocked when Suzanne was laying the bras on the table šŸ™‚

Elomi “Maggie”

Elomi “Maggie” in Black

The fabric, admittedly, looks a little shiny, but it’s not that terrible in person. When I first saw this I thought “CHRISTMAS!!”. Very cute and a lower gore than the “Caitlyn” bra.

Maggie Chemise

Elomi “Maggie” Chemise

This chemise is GORGEOUS… The fabric of the lower half is really soft and has the most delicate rolled hem at the bottom. It’s a fairly simple piece. My biggest complaint about this? The price point of $86.00…..which is w/out matching panties. The Maggie panties are $24.00, making the set a whopping $110.00. I told Suzanne it would be nice if the chemise came with a thong or a g-string, but we also talked about how the benefit to having to get panties separately is for those with size differences in tops and bottoms. I don’t know if you know this – I’m kind of frugal. I wouldn’t say cheap, but I choose to spend my money on nice things that I can’t live without. I suppose I could live without the Maggie chemise because of the price.

Elomi “Paloma”

Elomi “Paloma”

Elomi “Paloma”

What was really striking, for me, was the color of the Paloma in person. From the photos in the press release, it looks like the Paloma is going to be almost a royal blue. BUT, the bra itself is actually a deep, rich purple. The bra is a padded half cup (yay!), but only goes up to a G cup. Suzanne told me that this does run true to size, so anyone who is sized out is – unfortunately – sized out. (Unlike the Freya ‘Faye’ which is roomier in the band). I want this bra, and I want it NOW.

Elomi “Valentina”

Elomi “Valentina”

Elomi “Valentina”

LOOK at those rosettes!!!

Want, want, want! I love this bra! The cups are made of Satin Simplex and stretch lace. Of course, this bra screams valentine’s day, but it is truly gorgeous. I love the low (see: very low) center gore, the rosettes on the center gore and straps, and just everything about this bra. This bra is fit on the Betty frame, so it should be something that Betty lovers will also like.

Comparison of Valentina and Maggie

In comparing the Valentina and the Maggie, you can see the huge difference in gore height. The Maggie also has more side coverage.

That’s all of my pictures of Elomi bras; It’s important to also note that all of the bras (except for the Paloma) feature 4-part cups to push tissue forward instead of the side. These are all so gorgeous and soft and feminine. ā¤

Fantasie “Susanna”Ā 

Fantasie “Susanna” in Black

I cannot say enough good things about the Susanna. It is definitely a relaxed cup (think Andorra), and the materials are so. incredibly. soft. The lower cup and the upper lace cup are equally, amazingly soft. I want to wear this bra. Suzanne told me that the Susanna is true to size and for those that it works for, it is a perfect fit, hugging the body in all the right ways. WANT.

Freya “Carys” Longline

Freya “Carys”

Freya “??” I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this bra. Please comment if you know it!!Ā 


As you can see, there are some GREAT options coming soon from Eveden group. If you want to know more about release dates, sizing and price points, check out Erica’s brand overviews at A Sophisticated Pair’s Blog….

**What do you think of these upcoming styles? Do you love them as much as I do???**

7 thoughts on “Previews: Elomi, Fantasie and Freya

  1. A wave of proudness rushed over me checking out this blog because I saw that you started watermarking and a great time to start as well with your first meet and greet. Congrats šŸ™‚

  2. Oh I love how Elomi is becoming more trendy with the seasons, I have the betty in dark blue and it is lovely! I do have some minor issues with it though, and as you seem to be the Elomi expert in the blogging community I thought I’d ask you.
    Do you know if Elomi bands are more generous compared to the other eveden brands? All my Freya’s are perfectly fitting 36s but my Betty in 36 is a little wide to begin with and i might have to alter it down after a few months. I hope it’s just the Betty, otherwise i’d be sized out of all those upcoming beauties (well that is if weightloss goes according to plan obviously).
    Also the Betty has a wide elastic like band (like 1 cm wide) at the bottom of the band that starts to curl up horribly after a day’s wear, do you possibly know what could cause it?
    I really hope you will answer my questions, I’m from the netherlands and our bra situation might be worse than the US I have one shop that sells eveden but they couldn’t answer my questions when I went there to ask…

    • Hi!

      Yes, as a whole, Elomi bands run about a size big. I have found this to be true of almost every style except for the Hermione spacer bra. Hermione is quite firm, and what I would consider to be true to size. Some of the Freya and Fantasie bands are roomier, but this is not generally true for those brands as a whole.

      Are you short waisted? I have the same problem with the elastic curling and it is because I am fairly short waisted. I also have a rather fleshy back. I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily a problem in the make of the bras, moreso that they are not compatible with our bodies.

      If you find the 36’s to be stretching out quickly but you want to continue to wear Elomi, I would suggest altering the bands as soon as you get them, or try the Rixie Clip Bra Band Tightener (not sure of link, but I’m sure you could google). If not, I would definitely suggest Panache as bands run true to size. You could also try Curvy Kate, but their bands are also roomy.

      Hope I could help!

      • Thanks for that fast reply! like you asked I am short waisted, or actually just short in general. Too bad that’s the most likely cause of the curling elastic. I love the side support of Elomi bra’s, they’re perfect for the more hectic days when I don’t want to worry about my bra when I’m running around.
        I’ll see if I can find Panache or Curvy Kate to try them on in person first, online shopping on a student budget with no idea if the brand fits my shape is a bit to risky.
        Once again thanks so much for the quick reply! I’m looking forward to the new reviews you announced.

        • Are you in the US? What kinds of stores are close to you? There are limited stores in the US that sell Curvy Kate, but Panache is easier to find. Let me know and I can try to help you find something.

          We love Elomi for the same reasons šŸ™‚

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