Saying Goodbye to Loved Bras

Now, I’m not saying that I have been having a love affair with some of my bras….but the reality is that, well, I kind of have.

Over the past month or so I have lost about 10 pounds, and my size has definitely changed a bit. What I’m finding is that I am really in need of bras in a size 38J or 38JJ. My 40’s are not feeling snug, my shoulders are hurting again, and my back keeps cracking in weird ways.

The long and short of it is that I love the look and style of my Curvy Kate bras, but other than the Emily, I cannot stand to wear them. The Portia that I got (40J) I wore once on August 8th and have not touched the bra since. My breast tissue is definitely migrating back into the right spot, and this bra just does not fit in the cup anymore.  The Angel that I got (40JJ) I have also only worn once and it continues to sit in the closet. My compulsive need to immediately pop tags off of bras when I get them new is part of the reason I am stuck with the Angel.

I LOVE the Angel bra. It is so gorgeous. I love everything about it. But the lift and shape is so off for me. The reality, I think, is that Curvy Kate is not the brand for me right now. I think this means that I am swearing off Curvy Kate – at least for a while. Many others have noted that the styles don’t scale well into larger cup sizes, and I would have to agree. Perhaps if my breasts get smaller as I lose weight, Curvy Kate may be a viable option for me again. If you see another CK review from me in the next 4-6 months, slap my hands!!!

To remedy this situation, in the past couple days I have been uploading pictures to eBay to offload my ill fitting, and unworn bras. I’ve had pretty good success so far, and hopefully will have a decent amount of cash to put towards better fitting bras that won’t hang out in the closet. It breaks my heart to sell these bras, but I know that it doesn’t make sense to keep them in my closet unworn.


**How do you know when it’s time to step away? How long do you let a bra sit in your closet before you decide it’s time to let go? Let me know in the comments below**

6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Loved Bras

  1. I used to hang onto them in case they fit/weight changed, but if they’re reasonable to pay more than five dollars for I list them on bratabase. For those that are older or look more worn, I just donate them to Goodwill. Perhaps I should list them for giveaway on bratabase, but that would require buying more boxes and spending more time at the post office…

  2. I recently sold some bras that I had still in the box with the tags on for over a year. They even moved across country with me. There was no way they’d fit even through I desperately wanted them to.
    I end up with bras that won’t fit that I’ve ordered from overseas. Return shipping is not worth the cost so they just hang around. It’s hard to find homes for the more unusual sizes. Add to this all the different sizes I’ve gone through while pregnant (which I’m holding onto incase I can wear them again after pregnancy) and I’ve got a huge mess of bras on my hands. I wonder if I’ll be on the show hoarders because of bras.

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