Fussy Busty’s Thursday Faves 10/4


Even if you’re only slightly involved in the lingerie blogging community, you are sure to have heard about Linda the Bra Lady’s faux pas of suggesting that bras are vanity sized (ick. even typing that makes me want to gag – now you know how I feel about it!!). For anyone doubting the authenticity of the Daily Mail’s quotes of Linda, click here to see the original article that Linda promoted on her own FB page.

Here’s some great blogger’s responses to this:

Congratulations, We all Win Ā – Sweets writes an amazingly eloquent post about NOT competing with each other and NOT comparing our breast sizes.

A Little Bit of Bra Info is a Dangerous Thing – Claire touches on the fact that sharing inaccurate bra information is detrimental to women as a whole, and also talks about why the +4 method was used and isn’t always necessary now.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – For the Love of Lingerie notes different ways you can celebrate, donate and save some $$$ by showing some love to boobies šŸ™‚


Side note: I do not feel as though bras are “vanity sized”.

Also, please take the time to ENTER my giveaway!! šŸ™‚ Contest ends Monday, 10/8. Ā  **Complete nerd moment: the key to my SPSS software from my stats class last quarter is still valid, and I will be coding data to do an actual correlational analysis to determine if there is INDEED a connection to # of wears and wash habits. Please be sure to answer all parts of the contest to the fullest extent possible šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Fussy Busty’s Thursday Faves 10/4

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I loved Claire’s article so much, especially the information about vanity sizing. I wasn’t even conscious of how manipulative and loaded the term itself is, and I’m really glad she discussed it.

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  3. Sorry Linda, I’m going to continue wearing this band with the same number as my rib cage measurement, even if you think it makes me “vain”. You see, I am vain: I don’t like wearing a bra that rides up in the back and lets my boobs droop.

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