Plus Size Bra Review: Panache Tango II

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The Panache Tango II bra is available from sizes 28E-44FF for $54.00 in fashion and continuity colors

*This bra was gifted to me by Panache North America in a size 40J for review.


On the loosest hooks

On the tightest set of hooks

On the tightest set of hooks, I still have quite a bit of space in the band

T-shirt views are important 🙂

Features: Half adjustable, semi-padded straps, 3 hooks and eyes in a J cup, 3 part balcony cup, light lining, embroidery on cups, bow on central gore, wider wings.

Fit: Overall, the 40J is too big. As I’ve noted in a few posts here and there, I’m realizing that I realistically need to start exploring 38 bands as 40’s are too big and I’m not getting the support that I need. You can see in the one picture that I hooked the bra immediately on the tightest set of hooks and I think I could stand to have the bra tighter.  While my Andorra 40Js are actually a little small in the cup and small in the band, the Tango seems to fit a little more “stretchy” – comparable in band to Curvy Kate Emily and Angel. Also, as I’m learning and getting to know my breasts, I am more full on the bottom than on the top. This combined with really tall wires in the center means that there was quite a bit of space left in the top of the cups of the Tango. The wires on the sides did not come up very high (I know that some women have said that the wires come up very high under the arm, but I found the wire height to be similar to my Curvy Kate bras, but higher than my Elomi bras) and were quite comfortable on the sides. In terms of the cup, I had a hard time getting my breasts to settle into the cup and I couldn’t get the wires to sit directly under the root of my breasts. Again, this is because I need a tighter band that holds the wires in place.

Support and Shape: The bra is comfortable and gives pretty good lift. Because it’s the wrong size, I’m curious to see what kind of lift I would get in perhaps a 38J/JJ. The shape is a little more pointy than I prefer, but that is fairly typical of non padded bras. My biggest complaint about the shape is that this bra isn’t really a balconnet – at least not for me – which might have something to do with it being too big. However, in my experience with Panache bras (Andorra, Ariza, Tango Luxe, and now the Tango), the wires come up really high in the center of their balcony bras. On me, the wires actually came up so high that there wasn’t even breast tissue around the wires – it was literally so high that it was past the natural crease of my breasts. When I sat down with the bra on, the tops of the wires were visible through my t-shirt because they were so high.

Other Thoughts: I think, if able to get the right size, this would definitely be a go-to bra for me. I love the comfort of the wires of Panache bras and I can usually overlook the wire in general. I would say that this bra is more full coverage than balcony. It provides a lovely shape and has the lift that the Superbra line is known for 🙂

I’ve contacted Courtney at Panache to see if I can send this back for another size or a different style, so hopefully I will be able to update my review once I get my hands on a smaller size.

Overall grade: B (for now)