Fussy Busty’s Thursday Faves 10/11



Today’s Thursday faves are all photos from my morning today. I am currently working as a nanny while I finish up my master’s, so every day is something new with the kids. This morning the 4 year old and I went out to “pick berries” at 9 am (and 31 degrees…..*bbrrrrrr*) and we discovered that the family has a buckeye tree in their yard.

I’m from Ohio. We are the buckeye state. My husband’s entire family is full of die-hard OSU Buckeye Football Fans. I employed the 4 year old to help me collect ALL of the buckeyes we could find. I am going to use my husband’s drill and get my craft on later and put together some Christmas gifts after the buckeyes dry out. Perhaps some wreaths? Necklaces? Ideas abound!



Look at all the buckeyes!!!


A buckeye was trying to evade our collection by hanging out in its shell.


Yep; We used one of their sand buckets. We actually ended up with almost double what you see here.


All gone!



  • Still waiting on my Panache Sienna to get here so that I can try it again (got it in a 38K; too big in the cups, so re-ordered a 38JJ); Sending back the Tango for a 38J.
  • Winners for the giveaway were posted; I’ll be working on coding data and compiling results in the next week. Thanks again to everyone that participated!!

This weekend is my husband and I’s anniversary trip, so the blog/facebook/twitter will be exceptionally quiet Sunday-Wednesday. 

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