Plus Size Bra Review: Panache ‘Sienna’

I’ve been lusting after the Panache Sienna bra since the first time that I laid eyes on it. I mean, c’mon….It’s gorgeous….

The Panache Sienna is available in sizes 30-38 D-K in Black/Lagoon for Fall (and some purple still hanging out around there). I got this for about $34.00 on Matching short/thong available in sizes XS-XXXL. A UK size 20 = US 16.

As soon as I saw that I could get this for – what I call – a decent price, I set out to order it. There’s really *not* a lot of reviews of the Sienna in the blogosphere, so I wasn’t quite sure about sizing. I’m in between a J/JJ in my 40’s of my Panache bras, so the first time I ordered the Sienna, I ordered it in a 38K (since I am sizing down in band). Here’s how that turned out:




If you can see in the second photo, the wires come up unbearably high on the sides. I called FigLeaves to see if they could tell me if this was something that was due to the wire shape of the Sienna, or if I should try the next cup size down. We ended up deciding that I would return the 38K for the 38JJ. I fell in love with the bra, and it gives a lovely shape. The 38K was a pretty good fit, overall, but I was hopeful about the 38JJ. I also ordered the matching briefs in a UK 20.

So, here’s the 38JJ:





What you can see in the photos is that, in all reality, sizing down in the cup didn’t change anything about the wire height on the side – however, it did put the wire placement forward about a half an inch on my side, under the arm.

Features: half adjustable, semi-padded straps, 3 hooks and eyes in JJ and K cups, 3 part balcony cup, fully lined cups, non-stretch upper lace cup, pretty bow on central gore, stretch lace mesh wings, higher wing height.


Fit: I’ll be assessing the fit in the 38JJ. The cups fit perfectly; no gaping, no double boob, the central gore lies flat, and I feel as though all of my tissue – even on the sides – is able to be pulled into the cups. I think it’s important to keep in mind that the lace upper part of the cup is not stretch. Therefore, I think if you have any more than maybe a half cup size differences in your breasts, this might not work for you. The 38 band is everything I hoped it would be! Snug and comfortable, and keeps the wires of the bra firmly against my body which prevents the sliding and rashes associated with a band that is too big. If you can see, I fit into the bottom of the cups of the 38JJ better than the 38K.

Support and Shape: The shape that I get in the Sienna is what I consider ideal for a non-padded bra. My breasts are lifted and rounded by the expert seaming of the Sienna bra. The wires are not very flexible, which means that the support is constant and unwavering. The center gore is nice and low (a VERY welcome change in comparison to the Tango II wires), but it seems as though the Sienna overcompensates for a low central gore with very tall wires on the sides.

Other thoughts: I love this bra. The minute that I put it on, I feel sexy and confident. And then I relax my shoulders and I am stabbed by the underwires under my arms. It’s possible that the wires will relax and I will get used to them being higher….honestly, the bra is too pretty to return and the fit really *is* great other than the unfortunate wire height. The materials are great for this bra! And the color is to die for.

The Panty Experience: I ordered the matching panties in a UK 20 (my first ever matching set!!), and was so sad to see that they did not fit. Realistically, I should not have been surprised. A UK 20 = US 16; I typically wear an 18/20 in cotton panties. The panties came up pretty low on me, and I had a bit of a muffin and rather indecent exposure in the front. However, I will say that the panties are as equally gorgeous as the bra is. The panties are lined in the front, but the back is sheer lace mesh. I’m keeping these as well, as I continue to lose weight and these panties are going to be so awesome when they fit.

Overall Grade: B- …..the bra is sexy, but is wire stabbing worth it?

4 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Panache ‘Sienna’

  1. The bra truly is beautiful! I’ll be interested to hear how the bra withstands the test of time as a few women have mentioned the quality isn’t as high as other Panache styles. Perhaps that is for earlier versions though? I love that color on you though, and I’m glad you were able to get a pretty bra!

  2. I’ve thought about trying the Sienna, but my breasts are somewhat high-set so that I think I’ll get stabbed. It does give an amazing shape for a seamed bra, though- Panache seems to give rounder shapes than Freya or Fantasie in my experience.

  3. I am a 30J and I always have the same stabbing issue with all Panache bras! I thought it was something to do with how they downscale from the larger bands (band to cup ratio if you like) but if your having the same issue in a 38 band, then it’s obviously not! (Great and not great at the same time – it’s not just me, but sorry it wasn’t perfect for you)

    I gave up on them as a brand years ago, and won’t touch them, as it’s always a costly mistake! I live in almost exclusively Freya, as nothing else is half as comfortable!

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