Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi Sakura

The Elomi Sakura bra is actually a discontinued style, however, the new ‘Libby’ is built on the same frame. The Libby is available in sizes 36-42 E-JJ and 44 E-G in Raisin/Chocolate for AW ’12. Matching panties are available in sizes M-4XL

I remember seeing the navy blue print of the Sakura a while ago on HerRoom’s website and didn’t buy it. However, a couple weeks ago I happened to find the Sakura in Blossom on eBay in a 40J for only $27.50 (in my mind, quite the deal!). Yes I need 38’s, but I really wanted this bra and figured I could take in the band if need be.


Sakura, 40 J

Sakura, 40 J

Sakura, 40J

Features: Fully adjustable, minimal stretch straps, banded bottom, higher central gore – though not as high as the Caitlyn, 3 hooks and eyes, 4 part full coverage cup, bows on straps and center gore, and mesh wings.

Fit: In the 40J, there was a little bit of space in the cups as you can see. Also, I think in general, I’m struggling with how wide the wires are. I know that in Elomi bras, in a 40HH, I still get the same side coverage I need without the really wide wires (you can see in the Sakura that the wires are almost to my back). The wideness of the wires isn’t uncomfortable, but it looks silly and I worry that it won’t help in the retraining of my migrated tissue. The central gore sits flush against my chest BUT I have found that because of the height of the wires and the non-stretch materials of the cup, the bra tends to shift throughout the day, pushing the central gore away from my chest and giving me a bit of double boob on my bigger side. The band was surprisingly firm in the 40 when I first wore it, but it only took a day of wear for it to relax.

The band is not too tight, but no surprise to me, the bottom of it tends to flip up. The banded part of the bra flipped when I had only had the bra on for a couple minutes! I know that the Libby was often suggested to me when I first started buying bras in my more accurate size, and when I expressed concerns about the banded bottom, I was told not to worry. I think the reality is that I am really quite short waisted, so even the slightest bit of extra material around the wires is uncomfortable for me. Instead of me constantly flipping the band back down, I just let it flip and then go about my day as it is more comfortable without the band pressing on my tummy anyways.

Support and Shape: I very much prefer the shape of the Sakura than my other Elomi bras such as the Briony and the Abi; I feel as though I get much better lift in this bra and the shape is less wide. It might have something to do with the better anchorage of the banded bottom, but I’m no bra constructionist.

Other Thoughts: This bra is soooo pretty. It makes me happy to wear it. Probably not the sexiest thing, but I love all of the sweet touches of femininity on this bra. I wore this bra, and then wore my new Betty (review to come after a few more wears), which has led me to truly appreciate plunge bras as I love the lower central gores.

I would definitely recommend the Libby to anyone who is looking for a full coverage bra that provides great support and shape, without being as overwhelming (and work horse-like) as the Caitlyn.

Grade: A

6 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi Sakura

  1. Pretty! It looks like you went up 2 cup sizes from your other Elomis? I like the Elomi Abi and wonder if this one runs significantly smaller in the cup or larger in the band.

    Can you also comment on the side sling; it looks like it cuts in a bit? I have very soft breasts, so this is very noticeable when it happens on me. Not so with the Abi, but awful in some of the other Elomis!

    • Hi!

      I have been wearing a 40J in the Abi and Briony, though I am probably going to size down to a 38J in both (maybe not the Briony, which I feel runs a little bit smaller in the cup).

      I would say that in comparison, the Sakura has a firmer band than the Abi, though it definitely softened/loosened up quickly. I think that the J cup in the Sakura is similar to the fit in the cup of the Briony.

      The side sling *does* cut in a little bit, but it is not noticeable under clothing at all. I like that it really pushes my tissue forward instead of spreading wide.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Pretty. That bra really looks nice to you and it really fits well. Thanks for sharing your review. I was thinking of buying plus size bras too and I’ll consider everything that you have stated.

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