My Weekend…

My weekend has consisted of the following:

  • A trip to the casino and late night visit to Tee Jaye’s country place restaurant. 
  • Homework.
  • Putting up our Christmas tree. (after taking down Halloween decorations).
  • And starting to write the first half of my thesis/research proposal

Here, let me bore you with my introductory paragraph to my thesis 🙂


                 The parent-child relationship is perhaps the most important, influential factor in a child’s development. Within the psychological profession, it is well known that parent behaviors and parenting style influence children’s social, emotional, and physical development. While much research has been done on the many facets of this influence, this study focuses on the parenting styles of older, career-focused parents. As our society continues to advance in many ways, the age at which adults choose to have children has changed, based on a variety of factors. To put it simply, more and more adults (and subsequently married couples) are waiting until they are older to have children. Where once people were starting their families during their 20’s, now the trend is for parents to wait until their mid 30’s to have their first child (Roberts, 1987). The following synthesis seeks to explore the pros and cons of adults waiting until they are older to have children. The importance of secure attachments, as well as the influences of parent age, education and career on child development are explored in order to build a base for the proposed study. 

Tell us what you think!

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