Because my blog is public, and I have followers from all kinds of backgrounds, I don’t want to cram my political opinion down your throat. In my personal life, I’m quite politically active and am biting my nails over the election today. I cannot wait to sit down and watch the news at 8 tonight and see how things go. I’m hoping for a win!

At any rate, if you’re an American – Please, please, please get out and vote! No matter what anyone says, your vote does matter. A lot, actually. It’s a close, tight race for both candidates, so do what you can.

You don’t have to really do anything special. If your registration is up-to-date, all you have to do is show up between now and 7:30 (FOUR HOURS LEFT) with your driver’s license, OR soc sec card, a bank statement, paycheck, or a utility bill to verify your identity. Then wait in line and cast your ballot. Please double check your votes as some e-machines have been malfunctioning across the states (mis-selecting your choice when you touch on your candidates name). If your registration is NOT up to date (i.e. old address), you may have the ability to fill out a provisional ballot. Also, once you sign your name and get in line, you cannot get out of line and come back another time to vote. 


Also, because I’ve heard this a lot today from my friends on the other side of the fence, saying “Oh good! My vote cancels out yours” is really rude. 


I’ll be back to boobs and the regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. 


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