50 Shades of Grey for Plus Size Ladies

I’m going to go out on a limb – and no judging please – and let you all know that I LOVED reading “50 Shades of Grey”. I’ll admit that I’m a fairly “vanilla” kind of girl. But there’s something so incredibly captivating about the darker side of sexuality.

Anyways, I know that with the popularity of 50 Shades that companies have been churning out bondage inspired lingerie. So here I have for you a few options for plus sized ladies that fit the bill for this new trend 🙂

I think a great place to start is Hips and Curves’ collection of Plus Sized Lingerie…

Size chart for reference 🙂

Plus Sizes 1X – 4X
Dress Size
38 – 41
31 – 34
42 – 45
16 – 18
42 – 45
35 – 38
46 – 49
18 – 20
46 – 49
39 – 41
50 – 53
20 – 22
50 – 53
42 – 44
54 – 56
22 – 24

Velvet Spanking Skirt

Click the image to go to source; from Hips and Curves.com

Available in sizes 1X-4X and with a moderate price tag, this skirt is definitely Christian Grey inspired (he does love to spank!). The skirt itself boasts a mesh body and lace up waist for custom fit. Love it!

Expose Belle Noire Chemise

Click on image to go to source, Photo from Hips and Curves.com

Again, available in sizes 1X-4X, this daring chemise is offered in both black and merlot (LOVE). The strappy top is reminiscent of cage bodysuits without being overly daring.

Etsy Sellers 

Seller: BodyBinds

Body binds are handmade, elastic harnesses by Jackie. Jackie was very friendly when I contacted her about Body binds, to find out if they are makable in plus sizes. She responded that yes, she can make them in plus sizes (though would need to try a sample first).

‘Kiele’ Bondage Monokini

Click the photo to go to listing

To me, this screams 50 shades! The great thing about Body binds is that they are offered in lots of different colors. The base size maximum hip measurement is 40″, but again, it can be custom made larger. And the price is pretty amazing for a handmade piece like this.

“Elaina” Bondage Monokini

Click the photo to go to listing

I think that the spider web-type detail on the front of this monokini is kind of amazing.

Etsy Seller: Dirty Little Laundry

Dirty Little Laundry boasts lots of unique handmade pieces in their shop! Owner Iliana has and will make plus sized pieces for customers. Basically, the shop has everything from corsets to headbands.

Hot Pink Elastic Cage Top

Click the image to go to listing

I know, I know. When I think 50 Shades of Grey, I think of bondage, cage type items. I love the look of this, though! I would definitely be curious to see how this looks and fits on a plus size body….perhaps I shall order something one of these days.

***When you think 50 Shades of Grey, what lingerie pieces come to mind??? What other sources have you seen for plus size women?  Let me know in the comments below!!***

Laters, baby….

3 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey for Plus Size Ladies

  1. The Hips and Curves size chart is actually quite curvy! I never realized. I often find plus-size charts to be made to fit a quite straight figure.
    My measurements (standing up, with a bra) is somewhat like 48/34/50, and according to the size chart, 2x ought to fit for 45/35/49. That’s probably the closest I’ve seen a size to be to my actual measurements :b
    The items you posted aren’t my taste, but I might check it out for other things 😀

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