Full Bust Clothing Review: SimplyBe “Glamorosa” Skater Dress

I had the greatest pleasure of being one of Curvy Wordy’s 1st Blogiversary Giveaway winners. My prize? A dress of choice from SimplyBe. I perused the website for a dress, and I chose the Glamorosa Skater Dress in violet…

Click image to go to page for dress

The “Glamorosa” brand on SimplyBe is clothing that is designed with boobs in mind. For all of the styles in this range, sizes are offered in standard, voluptuous, and very voluptuous depending on cup size. The cup sizes listed on the SimplyBe.com are in US sizes (grrrrr), so keep that in mind if you’re interested in ordering. This dress is available in sizes 10-28, in black or violet, for $95.00

With the help of the rep from SimplyBe, it was determined that I should order a size 22 very voluptuous (up to a P cup = UK-K cup) in the dress. I chose violet because… I’m kind of having a love affair with the color purple right now.

Here’s how it panned out:

Color lightened to show seams on the front; Excuse the presence of Daisy…she’s kind of a diva…

Lightened to show seams

The Dress Itself: The dress is made of a heavy, almost ponte knit fabric. It has three gold buttons on each sleeve, the length hits just below the knee (I am 5’4″), and the collar of the dress is double lined. There is no zipper; this is a pull on dress.

Pros: I love the heavy material; this dress is going to be perfect for fall and winter. I also love the length and color. The sleeve length is good, also. I really love the shape of the skirt πŸ™‚ And I love that there is no zipper. I’m all about getting dressed without any help

Cons: I don’t really like the seam down the center top-half of the dress. And, as you can see, I need about an inch more depth in the top of the dress….the sleeve is pulled onto the side of my boob, the seam in the front center is doing this weird gapping thing, and the band at the waist is not quite under my boobs where I would like it to be. I’m personally not a fan of gold anything, so I’m going to be taking the gold buttons off the side of the sleeves. The lining for the collar is not actually tacked down, so it kind of starts to creep up as you wear the dress. I like a more fitted waist, but I can always just pair the dress with a simple black belt if need be for extra definition.

As this was my first foray into the boob friendly world of clothing, I am actually quite pleased with the fit and quality of the dress. It really is made well. I would say, realistically, that the very voluptuous fit is actually more suited for a UK H, maybe HH cup for full coverage. Either way, I do love the dress and am quite happy to have it!

You can see how offensive those gold buttons are….boo! 10 Points for Gryffindor if you catch the guest from Rudolph in the background πŸ˜›

(Dress: c/o SimplyBe, Boots: Lane Bryant Riding Boot in Chocolate – mine, Foundation: Panache Andorra 40J – mine, Ridiculous face: mine! πŸ™‚ )

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