The Two Finger Rule + Flippy Bands

Okay, so what exactly is the two finger rule?

In bra fitting, you’re supposed to check the tightness (and/or looseness of your band) in a handful of ways. One of those ways is the two finger rule. As a general rule, you should be able to fit no more (and, no less) than two fingers under the band in the center of your back where the fastenings meet.

If you can simply slide your whole hand under there….band too big. If you can’t squeak even one finger in under there, band is too tight.

Okay, so that’s the two finger rule. Nothing to really complain about here, right?

Let’s keep moving….

So, another rule is that the band should be “comfortably snug, but not digging into your back”

This is considered “too tight”

I don’t have pictures, but if I could show you right now, I have on my Elomi Hermione size 40HH….Let’s check the fit real quick:

  • Two finger rule: I can fit 4 fingers under the center of my band at the back, and I have it hooked on the tightest hooks (I know, I know… I need a 38…)
  • Digging in: Kind of? According to this picture, my band is digging in….BUT I do still have back fat, regardless of what I wear. I’m so ridiculously short waisted it’s not even fair…

I’ve seen it said that if the band rolls up (the material on the lower part of the band flips up/does not lay flat on your body) that this means that the band is too tight.

Let’s continue with the assessment of the fit of my Hermione bra

  • Band rolling up:  Yep. It flips as soon as I put the dang thing on.


I mean….the bra is actually too big in the band. I’m always tugging that sucker down my back, even on the tightest hooks. So, if some people say that if the band flips it means the material is pulled too tight… I just don’t even know how my bra is supposed to fit me then!

Here’s what I think about flippy bands:

  • In some situations, yes, a flipping band may be the result of a band being too tight. BUT before you go and buy a new bra, double check the fit of your band with the other “rules” mentioned here (see: suggestions….) and the overall fit of your bra in general.
  • A flipping band when all other signs of a good fit are present may be related to being short waisted
  • A flipping band can be the result of just poor quality elastics in a bra
  • OR, a flipping band is the result of your band being too big, and the elastics not properly tacking to your body…..
  • Posture???

I’ve found that with my all of my bras except for my Curvy Kates (that I used to own….), bands that have the thick piece of elastic at the bottom tend to flip on my body. Anything that doesn’t have this wider band sits where it is supposed to. I also have only 2-38 band bras to really compare, so I can’t speak as to having a tighter band not roll. However, if you want a great representation of what my body looks like, check out XL Hourglass’ post from a few months ago about this very same topic….

***What about you? Have you ever had problems with your bra band rolling? What do you think of the two finger rule???***

5 thoughts on “The Two Finger Rule + Flippy Bands

  1. I’ve never heard of the two finger rule. The closest thing I’ve heard is that you should be able to comfortably slide two fingers under the band, but that you should not be able to pull the band far away from the body. I’ve also heard that you should not be able to put your fist under the band, but that correlates to pulling the band away from the body.

  2. This is a really great post. It’s another reminder that bra fitting isn’t a science, and that all women’s bodies are unique. I have some bras with flippy bands, and I just think it’s a question of the individual bra’s construction and the individual wearer’s body. My torso is, well, not toned, let’s put it that way, and if a band’s outer hems are tighter than the mesh fabric, yep, it’s going to flip sometimes. As long as the bra is supportive, my boobs feel and look good, and the band and cups stay in place, I’m going to keep on keeping on. Sounds like you’re doing the same. 😉

  3. I can totally relate to this. I am short waisted as well, and for that reason some bras just never fit right. I have a long-line bra that I adore and looks beautiful….so long as I am sitting perfectly straight. The moment I let my posture relax a little, it flips. And I’ve learned that just because I have a little back fat under my bra, it doesn’t mean the band is too tight. Even at my thinnest, my back is slightly squishy.

  4. If the band size is correct, the next two culprits I see the most often are wing width and body shape. Some bra companies create these massive wings that really hold in the side tissue, but they can also be too wide on the sides for shorter or short-waisted women. Sometimes, adjusting the bra up to ensure the band is sitting a little higher can fix the problem, but other times, the wing shape is simply too wide for the woman’s body. Body type can also play a role as I’ve found that women with shorter waists or women whose underbust is smaller than her natural waist can sometimes get a roll because band isn’t fitting properly lower down the body. Also, if you have a natural roll on your body, it can be tough for the band to sit smoothly on top it. The band rolling up can definitely be a tricky fit problem!

  5. I was going to answer pretty much what Erica said.

    I have issues with bras flipping a lot on me, on the low end. I have bras I can fasten on the tightest hook and they’re still a little loose, and they flip on the bottom band, usually around my sides. Now, I’m a 34 band and edging to a large 32, depending on the bra, but I’m a good 50 pounds overweight. I have a roll and I have a smaller underbust than waist thanks to how I gain weight post pregnancy. I also tend to be smaller across the back and deeper in the chest. My current bra that flips is my Curvy Kate Fleurty. It’s definitely starting to get too big in the band, but it’s also quite wide, and the elastic just folds up on the sides.

    Before that, my Fantasie Florence did that as it aged and got stretched out.

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