Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Energise’ Sports Bra

I’ve been putting off this review for about a month and a half, trying to give the Elomi ‘Energise’ sports bra a good run so that I could really give you all the best review I possibly can. I was so graciously gifted this bra for review by Eveden. This in no way influences my review of this bra.

I originally received this bra in a 38J, but had some problems with it. Alexis from Eveden very kindly offered to have a sample size 38JJ made for me to see how that worked. The pictures I am going to post are of the 38J (as the photos of the 38JJ aren’t really that different).

Image courtesy of Elomi


The Elomi ‘Energise’ Sports bra is available in sizes 34 GG-J, 36 DD-J, 38 D-J, 40 D-HH, 42 D-H, 44 D-GG, and 46 D-DD in colors white, black, and beige. Cost is about $65-75 depending on retailer.

Here are the pictures of the 38J:

As you can see in the photos, I did have some side overspill, which is why Eveden offered to have the sample 38JJ made for me. I will be assessing the fit and function of both the 38J and the 38JJ and discuss my thoughts on sizing for this specific bra.

Features: Underwired, non-compression sport bra (encapsulation style), minimal stretch straps, higher height cup to encase all of breast tissue and minimize bounce, non-stretch cup fabrics, 3 hook and eyes in the 38J, 4 hook and eyes in the 38JJ, higher wings on the sides for control and support.

Fit: The 38J was not big enough in the cups for me. Oddly enough, the band on the 38J felt looser than the band on the 38JJ which was quite snug at first wear but has relaxed after 5-6 wears and a couple washes. While the cups on the 38J were too small, the cups on the 38JJ are a little bit too big. While I can’t show you this because I haven’t posted pictures of the 38JJ, the wires on the 38JJ come back quite far on the side, and there is a little bit of space in the cups. A while ago (probably about 6 months), I had tried the Energise on at a Nordstrom’s just to see what it was like, but I couldn’t get the fit quite right then, either.

Support and Shape: This section of the review is a little bit different because of the purpose of the bra. Obviously, the shape is pointy – however, where this would normally bother me in an every day kind of bra, this does not bother me for a sports bra. In general, I would say that this bra makes my boobs look smaller, especially under clothing. The support is quite nice, and I will discuss in more depth in the next section (function) about the realistic uses of this bra.

Function: For me to describe the function of the bra, I want to share with you the types of exercises that I tried with this bra on….here’s what I’ve done in it and whether I think it was a good experience…

  • Running – Yes, the bra obviously controls bounce more than not wearing a bra would (or wearing a cheap-o sports bra over a regular bra). Yes, I have J cup breasts so I can’t really expect there to be no movement at all. However, after about a mile of running, I did start to feel that all too well known pain in the chest that comes from the bouncing of my large breasts. While I don’t think it’s impossible to use this bra for running, I must admit that I have had better luck wearing a compression style sports bra over the Energise. 
  • Personal Training – From jumping jacks to push-ups, the bra held up quite well. I’ve never been a huge fan of jumping jacks, but for short bursts of this up and down movement, the Energise is a welcome companion.
  • Weight Training – When you’re lifting weights, you’re not moving your body as much as you would in running, so I think that the Energise is great for this kind of activity.
  • Cycling/Biking – Again, not moving the upper body very much (if at all), so the Energise is perfect for this as well.

I have seen the Energise marketed as a medium impact control sports bra and I would have to agree with this. I would not really recommend the Energise for high impact sports for long periods of time – though you may have success in short bursts of high impact activity. 

Other thoughts: Because the wires in the 38JJ are more expansive than the 38J, I’ve found that the wires kind of bend away from my body and are quite pokey. Wearing the compression sports bra over the 38JJ keeps the wires from rubbing me in a bad way. I did not have this problem in the 38J – so if you have the right size, it should not be an issue. The four hooks and eyes on the 38JJ was interesting and a welcome change from the standard 3 hooks and eyes on UK brands. When I switched from wearing bras from LB to wearing UK brand bras, I desperately missed that extra hook and eye. I like the stability of the band of the Energise in the 38JJ.

I think that, overall, this sports bra could be made better by combining the already present encapsulation style support with compression materials to hold tissue more firmly to the body. The size range of the Energise is really quite amazing, and this means that a lot of women have the chance to have a well fitting sports bra that provides good support during workouts.

The control in the 38JJ vs. the 38J leads me to believe that Elomi could feasibly make and sell the Energise in a 38JJ and 40J to widen their market as the functionality of each size was quite similar. It will be interesting to see if they can expand the size range a little bit more, especially because Freya Active is going to start including K cups in their sports bras.

Overall Grade: A when used for its intended purpose 

8 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Energise’ Sports Bra

  1. Have you had a chance to review any high impact sports bras? Caroline and I are bra size twins and unfortunately Ewa hasn’t attempted sports bras just yet :-p

      • None as of yet, in part because I haven’t really read any particularly good reviews for the Royce bra (as I would want to use it to go running) and Panache et al don’t come in my size. Not that I wouldn’t wear those bras, but I’d like to have an idea of which wrong-sized bra to spend $70 on :-p

  2. I’ve tried both the Elomi Energise and the Royce Impact Free, which are the only sports bras which comes in a comparable size range. I normally wear a 40GG/H with Elomi, in the Elomi Energise I would need a 42G. The Royce Impact Free fit me in 40G. I did some jumping jacks in both and between them, the Elomi Energise wins hands down. The Energise actually held my boobs in place while I jumped, while the Royce Impact Free gave me less support than my normal underwire bras. (I laughed when I saw the name of the bra on the tag, bc it certainly did not feel this way for my boobies.) The shop assistant told me that they sold the Royce Impact Free primarily as a bra for yoga class, and I agree that this is a great bra for any type of sports that involved being upside down. But for running I would always go for the Elomi Energise.

    Conclusion: the Energise might not be ideal. But when you look at how the Royce Impact Free performs, it could be a lot worse.

    • T_Maia,

      Thanks for your feedback! It’s always great to see what other people have had to say about the bras that I review!

      I don’t hate the Energise as a sports bra, and I am so incredibly happy to have something that fits and is supportive. But at the same time, I still dream of the day when I have significantly reduced bounce when I exercise. I love running, so I don’t want to be held back at all.

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  4. I am a 38jj also and I found that a 36j energize with an extender for the back was even better. Helped with how quickly we stretch out impact bras. I have had it since Christmas and am on the last extra eye of the extender so a 38 would have been to loose by now.

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