Kiss Me Deadly Birthday Sale

So, Kiss Me Deadly is celebrating their birthday with a great sale (and drawing giveaway for a 250 pound voucher).

Now, technically you are supposed to go on their website and find all of the colored little gift boxes to get the coupon codes for the birthday sale. But seeing as I was bored, have a fast internet connection, and needed a homework break… I went ahead and found all of them to share with you!

I myself have not had the pleasure of trying Kiss Me Deadly (YET), but do take advantage of the sale. The coupons are good until Tuesday, Nov. 20th

  • 30% off Amelie collection pieces with BIRTHDAYAMELIETHS
  • 20% off Tempest Rose collection pieces with BIRTHDAYTEMPESTROSESHH
  • 15% off Sirena collection pieces with BIRTHDAYSIRENAGRR
  • 30% off Swimwear with BIRTHDAY30SWIMS
  • 15% off anything with BIRTHDAY15FTH



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