Why I Love….

A Sophisticated Pair! 

There are so many reasons that I recommend A Sophisticated Pair to readers, friends/family, and random people that I encounter out in the world. No, I cannot be unbiased in my assessment of how *awesome* Sophisticated Pair is. I even encourage people to order from the shop, even though we live in Ohio (after getting a fitting from me, of course). Because it’s that great.

Why I love…..A Sophisticated Pair:

  • They specialize in D-KK size bras, representing a large amount of brands that exist for the full bust market
  • Prices are fair! The brands that they sell can easily be seen for $80-100 in other boutiques, but Sophisticated Pair sells bras at competitive prices.
  • You can special order a bra if they don’t have it in the store, and they will ship it to you for free. How awesome is that?
  • They have the best sizing calculator I have tried on the ‘net. Seriously. If you do your measurements correctly, their sizing calculator is the best place to start when finding your true size.
  • The fabulous, honest, and insightful product reviews that both Erica and Dezi write for the blog.
  • Um…they are bringing BiuBiu into their store. Not only can you go to A Sophisticated Pair to get a great fitting bra, but soon you’ll also be able to try clothing that is made for big boobs. I am considering a road trip once they get their stock. No joke.
  • It’s a small business with a very specific purpose. As someone that has always wanted to open a boutique of some kind (be it lingerie, a bakery, soap, etc…), I love the layout and color scheme of the store, and I think that their products do fill a gap that exists in local markets.
  • Erica. Erica is seriously one of those people that, if I met her in real life, I would probably be good friends with her. Or at least that’s the impression I get! She is very friendly, helpful, and super knowledgable about so many different brands. She sets the bar very high for what quality customer service is, and she knows what it’s like to be a “hard to find size”. ((I have had no interaction with her co-owner/aunt Debbie, so I’m sure she is just as wonderful – I just cannot speak to specifics)).
  • Their focus is on what is important: supporting your bust and loving it! They aren’t going to try and sell you something that doesn’t fit just to meet their bottom line. They truly care about the fit of your bra and how it makes you feel. Simply put, they get it. 

No, I have never been to the store. No, I wasn’t paid to write this or anything like that. I just really love the store, the quality of information, and the great customer service that A Sophisticated Pair has and I would recommend them to anyone. If you’re in the Burlington + surrounding areas of North Carolina, I whole heartedly encourage you to go to the shop and check it out. I really cannot say  enough good things about it!

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