Thursday Faves 11/29



Much to my surprise, there was a lot to sift through when putting together this week’s Thursday Faves…More than I think I had originally thought there would be!

Anyways, on to the links!

June at Braless in Brasil did a great post about bras and boobs during pregnancy

As I have not tried Parfait by Affinitas, I especially liked Cheryl’s review of the Alexis bra...

Erica wrote a great review of the CK Smoothie bra and also posted a video

Windie’s batch of Ewa Michalak reviews were quite lovely this week

And because I am a DYI kind of girl, I loved Sweets post of the DIY Kiss-Mas Trees…. 

Of course, Happy 2nd Birthday to The Butterfly Collection!

Do remember to check out the links in the BlogRoll for other great new posts this week! 🙂



  • Up to 30% off new Freya Styles at
  • Up to 31% off new Freya styles at (really, they are owned by the same company and they are competing with each other??)
  • 15% off Sitewide + Free shipping at with code TAKE15  (ends 12/4)

If you have any other sales to add, please let me know.

Happy Thursday!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Faves 11/29

  1. What a great Thursday update! So many good things on the internet this week. Although all these reviews are not so good for my end-of-year attempt at budgeting . . .

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