The Christmas List

Everyone has been posting Christmas wish lists, and while I know most of my loved ones are done shopping for me (and a little birdy told me that the Panache Fern in oriental blue is coming to me this year *squeal*), I still have a list of bras that set my heart aflame and….oh, Santa….couldn’t you make me a happy girl this year? I do have a Master’s graduation at the end of the month, too. I’ve been extra good this year… 


Curvy Kate "Portia" in White/Pink

Curvy Kate “Portia” in White/Pink

I recently “re-acquired” the Portia in black/pink in a 40J and I forgot how much I love this bra. I had thought that I had grown out of the 40J and sold it to a friend….however, last night she came over and I swapped my Elomi Betty Plunge for two of the CK bras that I had sold her in September (and she never wore….); both the Portia and the Angel in bluebell (the bra that I considered to be “the one that got away”).  **Never underestimate the blessing that is having busty friends…while I hated the shape that the Betty gave me, it looks so good on her! Great trade!!**

So, of course, now I want the white/pink version. And matching panties! 🙂


Ewa Michalak "PL Ametyst"

Ewa Michalak “PL Ametyst”


Once I figure out my EM size, this bra will. be. mine. At some point in the last year, my favorite color changed from Green to Purple….so, yes. I want this. And I want those matching high waisted knickers.


Kiss Me Deadly "Elle" Robe

Kiss Me Deadly “Elle” Robe


Words cannot describe how much I would love for Santa to bring me this. Unfortunately, Kiss Me Deadly has been sold out of the XL for all time (and who knows if they will ever have more??), so I doubt I will ever get this…but a girl can dream, right?


Elomi "Maggie" Babydoll

Elomi “Maggie” Babydoll


A plus size babydoll up to a GG cup? Yes please. Well, I wear larger than a GG cup, but I think I could justify folding and squeezing my J cup girls into a 42GG, right? YES. That’s all that matters is…yes.


Urkye "Skołowana bakłażanowa" Dress

Urkye “Skołowana bakłażanowa” Dress

Urkye is another bust friendly clothing company (if you haven’t tried them yet, neither have I, but it’s on my list of things to do!)…. I love the shape and style of this dress….AND it’s purple 🙂

So that’s what’s on my list….be sure to check out many of the other lovely bloggers’ Christmas lists 🙂

**What’s on your list this year?**


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