Blogger Secret Santa Reveal

Every year, my husband’s sister insists that each side of his family (his parents are divorced) have a secret santa gift exchange. As a whole, I’m not a huge fan of secret santa gift exchanges. Because we are still getting established, we’re not at the point where we naturally buy for everyone (cousins, aunts, etc…) for Christmas. So gift exchanges typically just add to the burden, where we have to buy gifts for people we wouldn’t normally buy for. Bah humbug. Or there’s always navigating the tricky waters of getting someone in the exchange who you were already going to buy for (i.e. his sister or parents), so what then? Do you get them two gifts?

Anyways, so to put a positive spin on things, I invited all of the stateside bra/lingerie bloggers to participate in a secret santa, with the theme being under $10 and handmade. There’s a nifty website that will do most of the logistical work for you (unsurprisingly, ), so it wasn’t a huge undertaking or anything like that.

As our deadline to send gifts out draws near, I was excited to see that my secret santa had already sent out my gift – which I received yesterday….



A wonderful, stuffed and sewn bra ornament for my tree! 🙂



Yes, Ariel is on the tree. I’m slightly obsessed with Disney princesses. I have Aurora and CInderella, and lots of Mickey and Minnie ornaments, too.


I was quite tickled with the gift that I received.

Post was from Canada, so I figured out that the gift was sent from Claire of The Butterfly Collection. She also included a handwritten note (which I think is just a wonderful gesture in general). She said crafts aren’t her forte, but I think it was such a unique idea that was well executed – and my favorite color too.

I don’t know that words can express how much I’ve loved becoming a part of the boobosphere, and making the “friends” that I have in the process. I consider all of these new experiences to be my own version of a Christmas miracle, and am feeling quite blessed.

I look forward to seeing the other reveal posts. So keep your eye out on Boosaurus, A Sophisticated Pair, The Full Figured Chest, The Lingerie Addict, The Lingerie Lesbian’s blogs within the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully next year I can get even more bloggers involved 🙂


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