Prepping for a Boudoir Shoot Series: General Musings

I interrupt my regularly scheduled Monday programming (food noms) to share my musings about my newest venture coming up this weekend.

As you can tell by the title, I will be partaking in my first ever boudoir photo shoot this weekend! I am excited and hella nervous. This week, my posts will be focusing on prepping for a boudoir shoot, including things you can wear and different ways to pose to highlight your assets.

In talking with my photographer as well as doing some research of my own, here’s some general ideas about prepping for a boudoir photo shoot:

  • Choose outfits that aren’t too far out of your comfort zone, but are different enough.
    • I.E. If you only ever wear t-shirts and pj pants (like me), try building outfits around sexier pjs like chemises, a robe over your bra/panties, or even a silky cami/shorts
  • Practice poses before your shoot
    • If you’ve never posed for something like this before – and chances are you probably haven’t – practice finding poses that work for you. There’s probably a part of your body that you want to be less exposed, so work with your body in front of a mirror to see what makes you the most comfortable. If possible, have a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend take photos of you in said poses to see how they translate to film
  • Grab a good pair of black heels
    • 2 things: they are sexy, and they elongate your legs. This is a major plus for me, as I am only 5’4.5″
  • Play around with different hairstyles before you go, so you know what kind of look you are going for (the same goes for makeup!)
    • In some instances, you can opt to have hair and makeup provided as part of your shoot. But if you’re like me and you have to do your hair on your own, you’re going to want to try a few different hairstyles. Look for something soft, natural, and something that makes you feel sexy  ((however, if you’re doing a themed shoot, i.e. pin-up style, practice different pin-up looks))
  • Choose a photographer that you are going to be comfortable with.
    • The absolute last thing you want during this kind of shoot is to look like you are uncomfortable, stiff, and ready to bolt. Try to choose a photographer that (1) you click well with, (2) you don’t mind if they see you in your underpants, and (3) does good work.


So that’s it for today’s post…. tomorrow, I’ll be sharing with you some different pieces that would work for a non-themed boudoir photo shoot.

My photographer is the wonderful Stephanie  of Kent and Stephanie Photography, in northern Ohio. If you’re in Ohio at all (or even if not!!) you should definitely look them up! They are great artists.

Tell us what you think!

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