Prepping for a Boudoir Shoot Series: Dressing Up +Size Bra and Panty Sets

Today’s post in the series will focus on different outfits that would work great for a non-themed boudoir shoot (i.e. not pin-up, costume, etc.)

Depending on the look you are going for – soft and romantic, or hard and sexual – there are hundreds upon hundreds of options that you have for dressing up your boudoir shoot. Being a plus size lady, I’m going to focus primarily on brands or pieces that are for plus size women.

Today’s focus is on bra and panty sets specifically (remember, these are chosen by me with my tastes in mind. Obviously, your tastes will vary!).

Bra and Panty Sets


Image courtesy of Elomi

Image courtesy of Elomi


The Elomi Valentina – A gorgeous set! The print is red petals on a black base. The printed material is silky on the skin, and the rest is black stretch lace. The set is comfortable, supportive, and has enough of a pop of color to really work for a boudoir shoot. Pair it with some stockings and heels and you’re good to go.





Cacique by Lane Bryant Glam Longline Bra + Matching Panties – I’m a huge fan of longline bras, and the glam look and feel of the set would translate really well. LB’s bra are always super comfortable, and the bra goes up to a US 44H


Hips and Curves Strappy Stretch Lace Bra

Hips and Curves Strappy Stretch Lace Bra


Hips and Curves Strappy Strech Lace Bra – This whole set just screams sexy, no? Paired with the stockings, this is a set that will help you feel sexy and allow you to rock your photo shoot.


Image courtesy of Elomi

Image courtesy of Elomi


The Elomi Occasions basque – It’s rare to find a basque like this in plus sizes with a nice range of cup sizes….but here it is. Pair with a thong (instead of the briefs shown), and stockings and you’re good to go. This basque is available in black, white and beige to suit your preferences

naughtyplaidcrop pr_154642_I9_409400



Cacique by Lane Bryant “Naughty Plaid” Set – This set taps into the school girl fantasy schtick….and although it’s mostly sold out everywhere, I wanted to include it because it’s a great set for plus size women, and I think it would photograph really well. **


So, there’s some bits and pieces… basically:

  • Bra and panty sets don’t have to be over the top, but try and up the glam so that your pieces photograph well
  • Basques are great
  • Sets that incorporate garters and/or stockings add that extra level of sexy to your boudoir pics


What are some other great +size bra and panty sets that would translate well to film?


** – I will be using this skirt in my own photo session on Saturday!

Tell us what you think!

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