Prepping for a Boudoir Shoot Series: Affordable +Size Stockings

This post is what the title says…..Affordable plus size stockings (thigh highs)….

We start with…


Just My Size



Just My Size lace top stay-up thigh highs. Available up to a size 7X (YAY!), not in stores. A three pack is $23.


Hips and Curves Fishnet Stockings



Hips and Curves stay up fishnet thigh highs. Available up to a size 6X. A two pack is $25.00


Torrid lace top, ribbon bow accent, stay up thigh highs. In sizes 1-2; 3-4. In store and online, each pair is $15.00

Okay, so in my personal experience, brands like Berkshire and whatever the brand is you can get at Wal-mart, say that they are “plus sized” but they really have quite the limited size range. I purchased a 2X pair of Berkshire hold-ups from Macy’s and they do not stay up. They fit fine on my legs, but they roll down ASAP. Also, the Torrid size 1-2 fits, realistically, up to a size 20 (and then the 3-4 up to a 26/28). They also roll instantly.

So you might want to invest in a garter belt. Like this one (up to a waist size 34″), with 6 metal garter hooks… I have yet to find a true plus size garter belt. If you see one, let me know! I want one.

Where else do you buy plus size stockings/thigh highs??? 


10 thoughts on “Prepping for a Boudoir Shoot Series: Affordable +Size Stockings

  1. Lovely pics! Have you ever tried Cette stockings before? We are considering carrying them in the store because they do have some nice plus-size options, but I haven’t had a chance to test them out myself yet.

  2. I struggle so much with stockings! a) my thighs are much larger than expected from my other measurements. My waist and thigh measures the same. wat. So it annoys me often that size charts for these things don’t include the actual thigh measurement. b) I am a bit taller than average and c) I want really, really high stockings! Partly because I don’t like walking with naked thighs, and also because I want to pair them with my Lola Basque, which is quite short (height again!), so the garter clips can’t reach to my mid-thigh. I will check out the Just My Size ones. Not sure of size, though! My height puts me at 4x (hmm, why is 4x the tallest one? Confusing!) But my weight and hips put me at 3x. I think I’ll take the 4x, to calculate in my thighs :b

    • In my experience, the larger size is not as large as you think it will be! The nylon should have some give to it. I’ve yet to meet a stocking that is TOO big (tights -yes! This has happened. But not stockings!)

      I am always wary of ‘plus size’ items manufactured by straight-size companies (Leg Avenue, I am looking at you) or manufactured in China (I’m thinking mainly of eBay purchases here). One person’s version of 5 XL would not fit my much more petite size 12 friend. My rule of thumb is to start with a conservative order, look for a good return policy, and read up on other’s feedback for insight on fit ! Good luck with your stockings!!!

  3. Plus size garters? eBay or hips and curves. I tend to order even larger than I think I’ll need, as garters can be so hit and miss.

    I’m on the hunt for plus size (I wear a 20 on bottom, and have ample thighs) and tall (6’0) stockings. I find so many stockings end up looking like knee socks on me!!! Not sexy!

    I find the stockings I ordered from Hips and Curves can sometimes be on the low end of plus – the supposedly very plus ones I ordered (3x-4x) were tight around the band, and only reached about 4 1/2 inches above my knee. Not nearly mid thigh at all. I am going to try ‘we love colours’, not that I think they’ll be tall enough, but just to try the colours/sizing.

  4. Hey, bit late to the party here – just stumbled across you!
    If you’re still in the market for good stay up stockings check out Secrets In Lace. They do a lace topped stay up stocking and have a fit guide for thigh width as well as height. I buy them in big multiples and I wore them on my wedding day. They didn’t cut in, roll down, ladder or twist for the entire day, and I could wear them high enough to cut out the chub rub between my thighs.

  5. True plus sized garter belt? Found mine at and I love it. It isn’t listed under plus sized category but has sizes up to 44 inch waist and I found them to run a little big.

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