Thursday Faves 12/13


Sweets’ amazing post about loving your body so that other people can be kind to your body, too…

The Lingerie Lesbian gives a little more insight into why she is “The Lingerie Lesbian”

The Panache Sculptresse spring line is previewed over at A Sophisticated Pair.… this is probably the first comprehensive preview I have seen….

What you see is what you believe? By June at Braless in Brasil

Love Brood’s beautiful post about being free and wearing a bikini, no matter what!

This thought provoking post on reversed letterphobia by Obsessed with Breasts


Upcoming Reviews:

Elomi Valentina Plunge Bra

Ewa Michalak PL Stalowka

Ewa Michalak PL Karmelki

(sadly, the PL Carmen was NOT a good fit for me….and luckily it sold within 3 hours of being listed on eBay. WIN)

5 thoughts on “Thursday Faves 12/13

    • I like them all – but like other commenters I was kind of peeved about the size ranges. However, I do love the style of the ONE bra that consistently goes up toa J cup, and will be happy to finally have matching panties 🙂

      I do agree that some of the bras (the pink teacher like one – don’t remember the name) look REALLY full coverage…which is kind of a turn off. Big girls want sexy, too! Back to Poland we go….

  1. Aw, I’m glad you liked the post! I think it’s always good to remind ourselves to be as nice to ourselves as we would be to our friends and family. Sort of like how you’re giving yourself your upcoming boudoir shoot!

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