Plus Size Bra Review: Ewa Michalak PL Karmelki

PL Karmelki - EM


The PL Karmelki is available on offer on the EM site in various sizes, for about $39

I ordered the Karmelki in a 40J  (90J) along with my order of the PL Carmen and the PL Stalowka.

As part of my reviews, from here on out, I am going to try to include all of the bratabase measurments that I have for the bra that is being reviewed. I think that this is going to add to the level of understanding fit. 

Pics! 🙂




Bratabase Measurements:

  • Relaxed band: 31″
  • Stretched band: 38.5″
  • Cup width: 7.25″
  • Cup depth: 15″
  • Gore height: 4.5″
  • Wire length: 14.5″
  • Wing height: 5.5″

Features: Fully adjustable straps (though the stitching on the straps makes it almost impossible to move the slider),  ability to add padded inserts into each cup to correct asymmetry, lightly padded plunge shape, cute little buttons on the gore and straps, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes, and matching band color.

Fit: The band of the Karmelki stretches a whole half inch less than the Stalowka, so understandbly, I need two extra rows of hooks with the extender to wear the Karmelki. Not an issue for me. However, in the Karmelki, I would definitely recommend sizing up in band. Also, the cup is almost a half inch smaller in depth than the Stalowka. This isn’t so noticeable in the front, but the small amount of overflow I somewhat experience under the arms is a little more noticeable because of the lack of depth in the bra. However, I still wear this because it looks hella sexy under the right tops, but it’s definitely not one that I wear every day. The jiggle is definitely noticeable under t-shirts. I would suggest sizing up in band and cup if you decide to try the PL Karmelki. 

Support and Shape: Um….It’s a Ewa Michalak bra. I feel like that’s pretty self explanatory. The lift is fantastic, the shape is divine, and my boobs are under my chin. They give that sexy orb look that I’ve always wanted.

Other thoughts: I know this is *too small*, but like Georgina mentions, I love the way it makes my boobs look, so I’ll continue to break the rules, though definitely NOT every day – that’s for sure. I’ve felt a little bullied about what kind of size I should order in EM bras….and I think it’s important for women to remember to wear what is comfortable and what they feel looks good (within reason). Is this the best size for me? Probably not. But do I love the way it looks and feels? Yes. Am I going to wear it everyday? No, because it’s not practical.

In the end, YOU are the one that has to wear the bra… if you’re happy, and you’ve got a bra in a size that is fairly good or just close enough and wear it for special occasions or when you want to feel sexy, then do it.

**Also, I will note that when I received this bra, the seaming on the front left of the cup was coming undone and was quite loose. I have not contacted EM because it’s not a huge issue, and if it gets worse, I can fix it myself.**

Overall Grade: B+….I was so surprised by the differences in fit

9 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Ewa Michalak PL Karmelki

  1. The differences in same size EM bras are very interesting! I’ve always been too lazy to measure, so I’m very glad you have been so active!

    I don’t know if I understood your sentence “I’ve felt a little bullied about what kind of size I should order in EM bras” correctly, but I hope you haven’t felt bullied like in the negative sense! I know women with loads of EM experience such as myself have a tendency to give out info on the best sizing, but like you said, it’s all about what feels the best! And I’m sure everyone has had the best intentions since the finding out the size is a road we’ve all been through with EM. 😀 . It’s best to just try out different sizes in the long term and that way find out what fits the best. 🙂

  2. Great review, thanks for the measurements 🙂 I’m sorry to hear you felt bullied and I apologize if my comment on your Stalowka review contributed to that feeling, it was of course with the best intentions and just meant to provide more insight into how EM bras would fit in other sizes. I completely agree with you about wearing the size that feels best for you. If you love the feeling of these bras then keep wearing them. Experimentation is always good though, because you never know when you’ll find something even better!

    • Oh no! It wasn’t you at all. I do appreciate the help that people have offered about EM bras! I’m going to place my customer order for 40JJs after the 1st and I’m anxious to see how those will fit.

      The Karmelki is definitely too small for me to wear all the time.

  3. I’ve just ordered this one today 😀 I sized up in it, even before reading this, so it seems like a wise choice 🙂 I too have come to the conclusion as Georgina, that even if it isn’t the right fit (as EM and I are terrible incompatible), if it is what you like the look of, get it! And really, when ever I’ve worn my EM’s, I get a little disappointed by how my boobs look in other bras 🙂

  4. I also got a PL Karmelki and agree with you about sizing up in the cup. I didn’t size up in the band, and it stretched out after about four wears- so that the second hook is comfy already which worries me a bit.

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