Thursday Faves 1/10


January has been a little bit crazy. One of our computers died (obviously not the Mac </ shameless brand elitism>) and I had to rush out  after work to buy a new laptop last night, while helping my husband not to have a stress meltdown. Him adjusting to college after being out of school for 10 years + a new boss at work has been really rough on him. So, things have been a bit crazy in the Fussy Busty household. However, hopefully the next few weeks will wind down and I’ll be able to put a lot of effort into the blog before my PhD classes start on March 4th.

Okay, end of rant…


Thursday Faves:

Sweets’ amazing post on talking about lingerie….an absolute must read!

Broods’ preview of the Curvy Kate A/W 2013 line….and sadly, there’s no more Emily 😦


Completely random, but my husband and I decided to commit to a two year debt-free plan (sans student loans) starting this month. It’s proving to be interesting! If anyone has any commentary about the “snowball method” please share!



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