Plus Size Bra Review: Panache ‘Fern’



The Fern by Panache is available in sizes 30-38 D-K, for about $45.00

I actually received this bra for Christmas from my husband’s Dad/Step-mom. I had asked for a 38J as this is the size that I have in the Tango II and that size fits well (as you know, I do wear a 40J in the Andorra, which runs a cup size small, so the 38J should have been perfect in the cups.). The operative word here is ‘should’.





Features: 4 part cup, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes, fully adjustable straps (with some wiggling), balcony shape, beautiful blue oriental print, bow on central gore, and eyelash lace at the top of the cups.

Bratabase Measurements:

  • For 38J
  • Band length: 32″
  • Stretched band: 37.5″
  • Cup width: 8.25″
  • Cup depth: 14.5″
  • Wire length: 16.25″
  • Cup Separation: 0.75″
  • Center gore height: 4.75″
  • Wing height: 5.75″

Fit: Okay, so full disclosure, I gained 10 pounds over the holidays. I’m not happy to admit that, but because of it, this bra was too tight on me. Before I gained 10 pounds, my underbust was measuring 39″… sadly, this did not fit….and it didn’t really stretch that much either. Most of the bras that I have stretch anywhere from 5-9″, so this is really on the low end of stretchy. I think that this would work only for true 38 band women, or a 36, depending on how you like the fit of your band.

As you can see the cups clearly do not fit me. The center gore did lay flat, but I had quad and side boob. I typically need 15-15.5″” of depth in the cup depending on the cut of the bra, so there is no surprise there. I would say that the cups on this bra do run small in comparison to the Tango II.  The wires were borderline tall on the sides.

I’ve lost about 7 pounds now and am almost back down to my pre-holiday weight and have been working my abs, so this would probably fit better in the band now, but the cups would still be too small.

Support and Shape: The support is definitely what you would expect in a Panache Superbra, as is the shape. I am always pleasantly surprised by how round the shape is in Panache’s non-padded bras.

Other Thoughts: I actually did not keep this bra because the fit was so off. I ended up selling it on eBay and using the money towards my latest EM order (which should hopefully be here today or tomorrow!! Can’t wait!). I wish that I was able to keep it because it is so beautiful! I have wanted this bra for the past couple of months and was very much looking forward to it. The little touches are what really makes this bra special, and I think it’s a gorgeous addition to anyone’s lingerie drawer. I might see if I can catch this in a 38JJ when it goes on sale, but the wires were fairly high and they might not work as well on me in a bigger cup size.

Overall Grade: B+ …..why does it not run truer to size?!

10 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Panache ‘Fern’

  1. Very useful review! I had been considering this style as, at the moment, the only bra that fits me is a Panache Andorra, but I think I would prefer another style with additional side support like the Andorra. … Looking forward to your review of new EM styles!!!!!

  2. What a shame that it didn’t fit, as it is truly a pretty bra! And it gives you an amazing rounded shape even in the wrong size, how amazing is that?

    What makes me wonder is why don’t I have ever get central gore flat against the sternum in the wrong size. I mean, I never get it flat if the size is off. You and many other women seem to get it flat against the sternum even though the cup size is a bit off. I wonder if my boobs are deeper or something compared to you and many others… I’m so jealous because of that, because finding good cleavage bras would be a lot easier for me if I had the central gore flat in, say, a cup size too small bra.

    • I’m there with you, Bra Nightmares, about the gore! I’ve only ever tried one bra (Cleo Olivia) that was properly anchored in the middle (and it was only when it was new…), all other bras kind of hover – so if it’s even a bit off size wise, it’s not touching at all!

      @Fussy Busty – I also tried the Fern in hopes it would work, but I figured it ended to quickly – as in, my boobs are ‘taller’ than it assumes. A shame though!

  3. Great review! I haven’t tried the Fern before (mostly because I’ve never been a huge fan of the prints they use), but it’s helpful to know how it fits compared to some of the other styles. I can’t wait to hear about your latest EM purchase either!

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