Double Don’t? Lifetime’s New “Double Divas”


If you have cable, or if you’ve been keeping up with the bra blog community, you know that Lifetime recently premiered a new show called Double Divas,  a show about a lingerie shop – Livi Rae – based in Atlanta, Georgia. The premise of the show is listed as the following on Lifetime’s site: “Lifetime docuseries that offers an eye-opening peek into the world of intimate apparel”

While my husband and I don’t have anything beyond basic cable (there is far too much greatness to watch on Netflix for a 1/10 of the cost of cable), we do have the internet! If you want to watch the show, the first two episodes are currently on and new episodes are aired on Thursday nights at 10pm.

I happened to watch the first two episodes on Tuesday and today and wrote down my thoughts as I watched the show. I think the best I can say is that I am disappointed in the show, and at worst, I can say that I am purely horrified.

The Negatives

I’ve always tried to be as body positive as I can – and this is something that is resonated across the bra blogosphere as well. Snark is not okay. And we’ve all had those times when we’ve been made to feel like there is something wrong with our bodies because we’re bigger here than you are there, etc…So, I think my biggest issue with this show is the tone.

The first episode focuses on the women creating a bra for Norma Stitz….notoriously known for “having the biggest tits”. It’s so offensive I even gagged when I typed that. Personal preference, but I’ve never been a fan of the word tits in reference to breasts, or boobs if you will. Anyways, at one point in the show, Molly says “Norma was enormous!”. Yes, Norma has large breasts. But does that kind of tone and language encourage women? While Norma may have the largest “documented”, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t hundreds of other women around the world who have breasts that are close to the same size. If they already feel uncomfortable with the size of their breasts, how are women on national television who are supposed to be providing a different look into the lingerie world exclaiming “ENORMOUS!” about your boobs going to make you feel any better? It’s really no wonder that women with larger breasts try to hide their bodies and continue to suffer in silence. It’s the tone and the language that does it all. In my book, NOT OKAY. Personally, I’d want to slap someone in the face if the first thing they uttered upon seeing my breasts was “OMG YOUR BOOBS ARE ENORMOUS!!” Yes, I’ve heard this before. No, I didn’t resort to slapping…..yet.

Beyond this, it just seems as though the women in the shop are…..well…..shallow. Now, I won’t say that Molly and Cynthia are too terrible – though they do need a good few whacks on the wrists for exclaiming “OH WOW!” when they see their customer’s sizes, but Loren? Wow. I just mean, wow. Besides the fact that Loren is only there to be sexy “She’s not a great bra fitter, but she can sell sexy.”, it seems like this young girl has only one perspective about what is beautiful and what is not.

Another issue I have with the show is the overall aesthetic and layout of the shop. I know that the whole concept of the shop is based on quirkiness and eccentric flair. BUT as most women in the states have only ever seen Victoria’s Secret or Lane Bryant (or even Wal-Mart), this shop is….over the top. In some instances, the shop appears to be completely unorganized and lacking focus, while also giving off a little bit of a trashy vibe. As someone who has been into speciality lingerie shops, do I want women to think that LiviRae is the example of lingerie shops that aren’t mainstream? Good lord no. When I see Loren whipping one of the male customers that comes in to buy for his wife (2nd episode) I have to stop and think….. Is this a porn store or a lingerie shop? There’s a time and a place for each of those things. The premise of the show is to give viewers a different perspective about lingerie that isn’t angel based and all about push up bras and nothing above a DD cup. So why would we want to scare women away from specialty shops? It just seems like this show could really be doing more harm than good for American women. What is the message that is coming across? “Lingerie stores other than VS or LB or wherever else look like porn stores, and you’ll be talked to like it’s amazing that your size even exists!” Yikes!

Unfortunately, lingerie, sex, etc., are all still (WHY?!) taboo topics in America….and to me, it’s evident that while the premise of the show is good – they’ve really missed the mark here…The show isn’t so much about bra fitting as is, but more about….I don’t even know. The focus is kind of all over the place. I can at least hope that as the season progresses, that bra fitting will be highlighted more as the focus.

The Positives

If you can get past the shtick, terrible body snark, and Loren’s 80’s pop queen thing she has going on, there are some gems that do exist in the show.

  • Molly talks about the fact that differences in breast size ARE common. I think that this is really great for women at home because it can let them know that, no, you’re not a freak if one breast is a C cup and the other is a D or any other combination thereof. 
  • They use the swoop and scoop! Although….when I saw this (2nd episode), I’m not 100% convinced that all side boob got pulled into the cup. But it is publicly introducing women to a different way to put your bra on. Some explanation would have been nice of why this is necessary.
  • Once Molly and Cynthia stop over acting, you can really tell that it’s important to them that women get the right fitting bra.

In Summation….

I feel like this show is one step above Jersey Shore with a lingerie twist….and I don’t mean that with regard to spray tan, but merely in the quality of the program itself. I’m disappointed that Lifetime has a great opportunity to reach out to women and really educate them about bras, sizing, and body love…..and instead, this is what they are broadcasting. I can only hope that the show “gets better” over time…and maybe I’m being negative, but I doubt it will happen.

Random Highlights from my Notes (direct quotes)

  • “skinny bitch” ?! 
  • So…so…awkward. I would be so pissed if another woman acted like Loren is towards my husband, if he ever decides to go lingerie shopping for me
  • Love Molly’s pink sequin dress! Want!
  • I appreciate the fact that Cynthia tried to make a bra for Norma, but it still does not fit. Does she really think it’s that comfortable?!
  • talk about differences in breast sizes and it being common….yay! Except for the “Oh wow”…..awful….and then she tries to comfort the poor woman. Why is this all over the place?
  • Really? “You’re either beautiful or you’re smart” ????? WHY?!

61 thoughts on “Double Don’t? Lifetime’s New “Double Divas”

  1. Love your in depth review. I didn’t watch the show, but it’s nice to hear I’m not missing much. When they actually have a sophisticated, interesting show about lingerie on TV, I will definitely be watching (not that that will EVER happen).

  2. Fussy–I feel you. I do think the motivation behind the show is much more “entertainment” than “education” and so because of that, the show will always be more about the “sexy nursing situation” and “bro bra” than it will be about explaining and showcasing good fit. I have no doubt that these women can fit a bra but in the current culture of over-the-top reality shows, these women need to have outrageous personalities and situations arise to be able to keep this show on the air. I have hope that after they establish an audience that they will be more able to really discuss many of the misconceptions of bra fit and the importance of a good fitting bra. I’m not holding my breath.

    I do have to admit though that I laughed out loud more than once while watching the first 3 episodes. Lauren is a joke. I really hope she doesn’t last. She makes me tired.

  3. Your review was spot on! I had many of the same thoughts.


    > I appreciate the fact that Cynthia tried to make a bra for Norma, but it still does not fit. Does she really think it’s that comfortable?!
    YES! the bra she made was better, but certainly not well-fitting. If, as she says, she only had a day to make it (and that wasn’t reality TV manufactured time pressure) then I can understand the less-than-perfect fit.

    Additionally, claiming multiple times that you are “the best bra fitter in the world” is a very serious statement and you better damn well be prepared to back that up with some world-class bra fitting. Not to mention that I’d trust someone who is humble before I’d trust a braggart.

  4. I really like your review, and I agree…all my optimism and excitement had turned to “meh” by the end of the premiere. I thought there was so much opportunity for this show to be amazing (a la Say Yes to the Dress) and instead we got a whole lot of ridiculous.

    I’ll be watching again tonight. Fingers crossed that it’s better.

  5. Need another fitter for this lingerie blogger dream show? Or perhaps someone to design some art for the shop? 😛

    I’ll likely watch the first couple of episodes to see what it’s all about tonight, but I don’t have high hopes for it. Thanks for the review!

  6. I’m probably not going to get around to watching this, but OY. I have feelings and premonitions. They are not optimistic. Thanks for your great, and hilarious, review! Also, yes, we’ll make our own damn lingerie and our own damn show and it will be awesome and there will also be cake.

  7. Uggh, I don’t think I could stomach it then – I’d heard about it over at Reddit too, and the young girl apparently said something like that “everyone deserves good lingerie, but” she would rather fit beautiful slim women, because otherwise it was “ew!”. And yea, exclaming “enourmous!” and “Can you believe that this is a size?!” is just. not… something I want to invest any time in listening to.

  8. I watched one episode. Well, it’s a show, it’s for entertaiment, not for education, so I hadn’t expected too much when I started to watch, but it was a little bit worse than I expected. Trashy vibe is really there. Which is shame because Molly and Cynthia really can put a woman in a right bra.

  9. You did a fantastic job articulating many of the reasons why I (personally) am not a fan of the show while still being polite and positive! My biggest pet peeve was the body snark since I know how nerve-wracking it is to strip down to your bra in front of a stranger. The last thing you want to be thinking is “Well, she probably wishes I looked hotter.” 😦

  10. I just finished watching all 4 episodes plus the sneak peek, and I really LIKE the show! If Molly had stopped at “Oh wow” and not been understanding, and if the women had left empty-handed, then I’d have hated it. But she said it in a way that acknowledged the women’s issues (sometimes another person acting like your problem is no big deal can be worse than their agreeing with you that it’s a problem). Molly and Cynthia remind me of my older sisters, which is one reason I like the show. Loren, on the other hand, is a composite of every nightmare fitter I can imagine! Evidently she successfully masks her attitude in front of the customers since she seems to make a lot of sales, but what she reveals to the camera is horrifying. And is there any way that the 4’11”, 91 pound woman could possibly have worn a 30 band??? I was sad even the corset she ended up with seemed too big–I wish they’d had Cynthia alter it for her. I’ll probably get tired of Cynthia’s inventions, and I’m already tired of her and Molly’s voices, but I’m not tired of or turned off by the show. I’m going to keep watching for now.

  11. You gave a much more fair review than I ever could. I didn’t like the show at all so far but I might give it another chance and watch at least to the end of the first season. II just had to mention that the Custom made bra for Norma didn’t fit. I know that it would be hard to make her bra and she might even need to appeal to MIT for help, but I don’t like how these women lied to her face and said that bra fit.

    • You’re so right! That bothered me a lot….Norma’s bra didn’t fit, and I was worried that that would only give women the complete wrong idea about how a bra is supposed to fit.

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  13. You summed up my thoughts exactly. I had high hopes and was ultimately disappointed by the show. There is so much potential for this type of show, educating women on proper fit, breast health, how the right foundation garment can work wonders for your wardrobe, helping women with self esteem and image issues… the list goes on and on. I stopped watching after the first episode. You guys let me know if it gets better.

  14. Interesting notes! There were so many things I said aloud watching the first episode.. but I’m with Darlene and very intrigued to see what happens next. I honestly know they are doing a good job and most of the antics are due to the nature of Reality TV and it’s editors. I also wish they started with 28-backs since those are actually made more often than not! Maybe when Claudette launch the new SS13 line more American stores will start carrying them.. and maybe Parfait (and etc!) will follow suit! 😉

  15. Please please drive your “Boobs on the move rv” to Dallas Texas
    I’ve had my 5th surgery for my back 1 was for cancer on my nose. And I still have a major back surgery needed but was denied. We don’t know why and are waiting appeal. I have ” normal big boobs & of course I don’t know if I’m wearing the right size. 42D 44D I don’t even by a good bra cause I hate how pointy some of them look plus I got the one boob bigger than the other. Etc. lol
    Because of pain in back and I also have a tear in my rotator cuff from moving myself in bed. That will need surgery eventually when the tear is bigger. They have to wait because its invasive. Geezz are you tired of hearing my drama. I am. I wear the “geni” bras because they don’t pull on my shoulder as much. Because of all this and the Frankenstein scar with stiches at the moment. I feel ugly. My back is killing me. I need your help to make me feel better. I love your show also , you girls make me smile.
    Thank you
    Natalie Albon

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  17. When I read this review, I thought to myself “I can see her point… But she’s missing the point.” I am a sixteen year old who has quite large breasts thanks to my busty mother. She and I love to sit down and watch this show for a good laugh. We love knowing we aren’t alone and seeing good humored women tackle this taboo subject. Granted, it isn’t the most sophisticated show on TV, but then again, it isn’t meant to be. I think you need to take into account what audience it is meant for; the viewers of reality television. Very few people would expect a reality show to be based specifically and only on bra fitting. That simply wouldn’t lead to success. When viewing shows like this you must have an open mind, and remember that there no need to sit on your high throne and look down at these people when you could be on their levels and enjoying the episode.

    • Hi Emily!

      I can appreciate your perspective of the show, and I’m glad that you and your mom can share in embracing your busts! I wish my mom had been so supportive when I was growing up!

      Reality television aside, I think you’ll learn as you age that there’s not a lot of support in the media for understanding bra sizes outside of a DD. Every man I meet thinks that a DD is huge, and that just isn’t true! There are so many more letters to the alphabet. And beyond this, this show doesn’t really use language that appears to help women to feel more positive.

      If you take it from a reality TV perspective – sure – the show has its purpose. But if you take it from “these women have access to national television and could be helping educate women about bra sizes and body acceptance” then the show is disappointing.

      All the best,

  18. I personally love the show, I love the fact that they can look at a woman and put her in the right bra. I think Molly and Cynthia are great, nice, southern women who keep it real. I can’t wait to shop there with my mother who’s always had a hard time finding a bra to fit. I have worn Victoria Secret bras since I was 21 and do not get service half as much as they give there. Walked into a fredricks, and Soma bra store and didn’t even get spoken to. Go LiviRae!!!

  19. I appreciate your review of the show but I have to agree with Emily when I think you miss the point. Breasts and bras are often taboo to talk about in the USA and I like the lighthearted approach these women have. I think the point of the show is to entertain (after all it is tv) and at the same time bring awareness for the variety of needs women have. Whether its sexy nursing bras or a sexy outfit for the boyfriend women have a variety of needs. I would really like to smack Loren when she made those comments about skinny ladies but she is obviously shallow and clueless. I also didn’t particularly care for some of their language when they were talking about Norma but at the same time they were obviously somewhat overwhelmed with the situation they found themselves in. I agree the bra did not “fit” but when you are dealing with that large of a size I think you need more than 24 hours and multiple fittings. I think the bra sure fit her wwwaaaayyyy better than what she came in with. As for the creepy guy shopping, when you work in a lingerie boutique you deal with all sorts of weirdos in person and on the phone. I liked that the lady came back in returned the items and found something cute. I think this really showed how different men and women think about lingerie and what is appropriate. All in all I think the show is cute, will it get irritating by episode 8? probably but there is nothing else out there in the mainstream world except Victoria’s Secret. Most women think if they buys something from Icky Vicky’s then that will make them feel better, when in fact being in the right size & bra is what brings confidence.

  20. I just want to make sure everyone is clear that Norma Stitz is a fake name. Get it- (e)NormaS titz? While I agree with you that the ladies saying someone is enormous or using the word tits is tasteless, it’s hard to avoid using the words when she herself made her name into a pun.

  21. i dont have a reply i need help with getting a bra fitting im not a c or a d im in between a c its to small and i fall out of it and a d is to big HELP me

      • one is called sweet nothing size 36DD and its too small i fall out the top its something that came from walmarti have pictures of me on facebook that really shows how big i am bc i wear tight shirts

        • If you’re falling out of the top, that’s the #1 sign that you need to go up 1-2 cup sizes. How does your band fit? Do you feel like it’s too tight or too snug?

          The best way to figure this out is to see how far you can pull your band away from your back. If you can pull your band more than 2″ away from your body, it’s very likely that either (1) your bra is old and the elastic is damaged, or (2) it’s most likely that your band is too big and you need to try a band size smaller.

          Are you able to take your measurements at all? If you like, we can continue this via email….email me at

  22. I just have to say I love LIVI RAE’s. I was introduced to the store about 4 yrs ago, after I noticed the even my F cups were not fitting me any more and I wanted a proper fitting bra. They really are professional in there, and make you feel comfortable. I am happy to make the 7 hr drive there yearly to get fitted so I know that I am getting GREAT bra’s that do fit me. I tried a store closer to home last year and I would never go there again.. they were putting me in band sizes that were 4 sizes up from what I normally wear. As a matter of fact I will be going to Livi Rae’s in the next few weeks to get my annual fitting. I can’t wait to go there. I just love the feel and atmosphere of their store too.

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  24. I wanted to dislike it after I heard that it was so bad…but I just…couldn’t. Right on the list of guilty pleasures, next to Girls and Intervention. Oh well. In their defense, I think they really do mean well.

  25. I wanted to dislike it after I heard it was so bad, but I then I watched it and I just…couldn’t. Right on the list of guilty pleasures, next to Girls and Intervention.

  26. I never watched the show, but after reading your review I tuned in tonight (2/12/13). The show is not all what I had expected! I completely see what you were talking about in your review. The show does have a lot of quirkiness and not enough valuable information, in my opinion. I am a G cup and thought that maybe this show would encourage me to do business with them…..not!!!!

  27. I need help .i was 53E.NOW I HAVE LOST 65 to 70 pounds my girls are starting to go souuth.can give ur adress.i seen ur show for the first time .i love ya .i need come vist you two .get sum beauitful bras for my girls .tyvm kelli

  28. I like the idea of the show, their light hearted approach to big boobs is definitely a good thing. HOWEVER, is seems that often they get the fit wrong. Lots of floating gores, especially in the bigger cup sizes. Gores shouldn’t lay on breast tissue!!!!!!!!!
    Also Lauren is incredible annoying! Why do they keep her? Erugh.

  29. I think there are problems with the show but you are extremely overreacting!!! This show clearly changes people’s lives especially Norma who had been everywhere and no one even tried to help her!! You need to truly get a life and all of you keep your opinions to yourself!! Damn!!

    • Hi Abby!

      I don’t think that it would be fair for you to tell us all to get a life and keep our opinions to ourselves when you have come to my blog and shouted your opinion.

      If there’s anything I can help you with – a bra fit or something – please let me know. But in the future, please mind my “NO SNARK policy” about comments. Any future comments like this will be deleted.


  30. Hi! I’m new to your blog and will be following you. I wanted to comment about your review. While I think you hit some nails on the head, I still enjoy watching the show. A later episode has Molly and Cynthia going to a women’s shelter to help fit the women, and I was really impressed by how they worked with those women. They were determined to make sure every woman received a bra that properly fit them.

    While they can be annoying and maybe not the most professional at times, I would still consider visiting their shop. Granted, I would likely slap Loren if she came anywhere near me, but as a gloriously fat and confident woman, I would likely scare her. 🙂 Perhaps with a little time, there might be some improvements to the show. For now, I’ll keep it as a guilty pleasure, knowing there is far worse out there.

  31. I stumbled on the show a few weeks ago. I’d just mentioned to my husband, shortly before seeing the show, that I needed to hit Nordstrom for a fitting. The lingerie department assistant manager, who left to go to another store, has not been replaced with a good fitter. The fitter I had was b_a_d.

    Now, I’ve found myself thinking about a trip to Kennesaw. Molly and Cynthia have a good foundation (no pun intended) for a business that’s needed. The bottom line is this, they both seem to have good, sound fitting skills. Who cares if they come off as quirky? If the drive were shorter than 12 hours, I’d definitely consider a trip to LiviRae.

    P.S. The truck is a HOOT!

  32. I watch the show faithfully. These women do so much to make large women in particular feel sexy and good about themselves. I regularly cry when they boost women’s self esteem as they leave their shop. I don’t know what Loren you are talking about but the one I watched last night was very sensitive to the client’s (including her mom who had a double mascectomy). These women are doing God’s work (with humor) as far as I am concerned…two pairs at a time! May the show continue on.

  33. I am not a fan of reality TV, but the first time I saw this show it made me want to go to LiviRae to get bra fitting! I don’t understand reality shows that are only about promoting one’s celebrity status or, even worse, shows that are about trying to attain celebrity status. Why anybody would waste time on the Kardashians and Snooki remains a great mystery to me. All of you naysayers are completely missing the point — all of the points of this show. First and foremost it is about marketing their business, which they have done quite successfully. The show isn’t meant to be about education, it’s about SELLING lingerie. I’m willing to bet their shop is making money. It takes a taboo subject — women’s breasts — and makes it less taboo. Humor has always proven to be one of the best antidotes to taboo subjects. They do this quite well also. I love that they show all women of all shapes and shades. I love watching Cynthia come up with some cockeyed creation that usually doesn’t work. Even that airhead, Lauren, has started to grow on me.

  34. Newsflash for you dear, LOREN is on the show for one reason and one reason only… she’s an “aspiring musician.” She’s been in this “group” called the “coedz” for years now (try not to look them up. It’s more generic pop bullshit, with serious rip offs of nicki minaj in their FLAVA remix). I often wonder if Loren was really hired by the store, or begged to be put in place of the girl who really DOES work there for filming, because she’s the type who will do EVERYTHING she can to be famous. She’s also a bitch, who if you say “Meh. I don’t like this song. not that great” She will delete the comment. I had liked them (double divas) on facebook, and they posted that TERRIBLE remix, and I said that it wasn’t that great, it relied heavily on what nicki minaj and TLC did, suddenly BOOM! comment gone. I don’t waste my time with that show anymore. I watched probably 4 or 5 episodes before I got the hint, that we aren’t supposed to care about the fittings, we are supposed to care about that older “cougar” who married the kid, and we are supposed to care about Loren.. nobody remembers or cares about the bras or making oneself feel and look better with the right lingere…Its about the retarded childish drama.

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